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Next Generation LMS Evaluation

Which should replace SacCT: D2L Brightspace or Canvas?

After more than three months of research, campus engagement, vendor engagement, and analysis of feedback, the evaluation Steering Committee determine that we should focus the remainder of our evaluation efforts on D2L's Brightspace and Instructure's Canvas as Next Generation LMS options to replace SacCT (Blackboard Learn 9.1). Want to know more about how this decision was made? Check out the Next Generation LMS Evaluation Downselect Report.

Later this spring, the evaluation Steering Committee will submit a final report to the President, Provost, and CIO recommending that Sac State move to D2L's Brightspace or Instructure's Canvas.

Your opinion counts! We need your input to help make this recommendation.

D2L Brightspace and Canvas Logos               

Let's Play in the "Sandbox"! Help test the systems and provide your feedback.



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Don't forget to let us know what you think by filling out the Sandbox Testing Feedback survey!

Tentative Testing Deadline: April 16th, 2017.