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Mission Statement: Established in 1986, the CSUS Science Educational Equity (SEE) Program is a comprehensive academic support program for students who face social, economic, and educational barriers to careers in the health professions, science research, and science teaching. The goals of the SEE program are to improve access to quality of health care in underserved communities and to foster inclusion of diverse perspectives in science research and science education that are attentive to the needs of our pluralistic society.

To accomplish these goals, SEE sponsors a wide range of structured activities designed to build academic excellence, enhance personal development, and develop a sense of social responsibility. Perhaps most importantly, SEE strives to create a learning community in which students are expected to share their knowledge with other students, provide personal and moral support to each other, participate in academic and extracurricular activities, and expand their understanding and appreciation for the cultural experiences of all members of the SEE family.

How it Works

When you contact the SEE office:

1) You will be asked to complete an application. indicating your major, career interests, and academic background. In addition.

2) You must attend an orientation to learn more about what the program expectations of you are.

3) You must also submit a suplemental application and transcripts from other universities/colleges you have previously attended.

4) Once you have completed the application process, it will take approximately two weeks for SEE to make a decision.

If You are Interested?
You can write for more information about the SEE program at:

6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA

or call our office at:


What Does it Cost?

Although it won't cost you money to join the SEE program it will cost you time, energy, and commitment. The SEE program is a community of learners united in a common goal. Students are expected to share their knowledge with other students, provide personal and moral support to each other, participate in academic and extracurricular activities and expand their understanding and appreciation for the cultural heritage of our diverse community.

Faculty Who Care

Every SEE student is asked to meet with a faculty advisor to plan an academic "map" of courses to follow while they are at the university. SEE advisors are science faculty who can give the best advice regarding what courses to take, when to take them, and the latest information regarding admission requirements to graduate and health professional school.

SEE advisors keep regular office hours with the SEE office and are available for individual academic assistance and advising.

Network of Helping Hands

The SEE program works closely with organizations and programs such as the Academic Achievement Center/EOP, MESA, the College Assistance Migrant Program, Cooper-Woodson College, and Faculty Student Mentor Programs.
The SEE program also engages in partnership efforts with Los Rios Community College District,faculty student mentor programs, and other state and private industries.

As a SEE student you will also have the opportunity to meet with professionals in the community who are interested in helping you reach your career goal.


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Friends to Depend On

As a SEE student you will have an opportunity to meet many other students, with similar backgrounds and interests. SEE students often take classes together and study together in the SEE study room. Many students will be at your level of study, others will be close to graduation and serving as peer mentors. Whatever the level, you will find that SEE students are helpful, supportive, and concerned about you.

Although SEE is an academic based program, there is always time for fun. Barbecues, field trips, and pot lucks are always included in the list of SEE activities.

Projects of SEE

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