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Sacramento State is leading the way in educating young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Center for Science and Math Success is bringing together numerous programs designed to support and enrich student learning in STEM gateway courses. Our faculty are engaged in research and working to develop innovative pedigogical programs dedicated to this pursuit.

Current Success Center Programs  

SEE students

Science Education Equity (SEE)

The Science Educational Equity (SEE) Program is a comprehensive academic support program for students who face social, economic, and educational barriers to careers in the health professions, research and/or teaching in the math and sciences. The SEE Program is also home to the Sacramento State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CSU/NSF LSAMP) Program. Learn More

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

PAL Facilitaor

Peer-Assisted Learning improves student success in gateway STEM courses by employing a Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) model of supplemental instruction. PALs enroll a maximum of 15 students per section, and are led by a trained PAL Facilitator who was successful in the course, is recommended by the faculty, and has the specific personal qualities we have determined allow for the best facilitation. PAL content is created by discipline faculty, and the facilitators do not teach or tutor; rather, they use established techniques of questioning and content scaffolding to build student confidence and establish solid foundations of content knowledge. Learn More

Learning Assistant (LA)

The Sacramento State Learning Assistant Program is dedicated to helping students in lower division STEM courses develop strong learning skills that will promote success in their STEM courses and the workplace. Learning Assistants (LAs) facilitate discussions in the classroom and assist with problem-solving in courses that use a collaborative or team-based learning model (“flipped” classroom design). LAs receive training in a weekly Pedagogy of Science Teaching course and spend one hour/week with the faculty that they assist, helping to refine the curriculum and brainstorming ways to enhance the effectiveness of instruction.  LAs are recruited based on a solid content knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a demonstrated interest in the scientific discipline and teaching (or helping others). Learn More

SEE Student

PASS Advising

Identifies "at risk" students in gateway STEM courses and requires these students to participate in a specific set of academic and nonacademic intervention through peer advisor interactions.
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Commit to Study

The Commit to Study program provides any student taking classes in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with access to study skills workshops and 1-on-1 mentoring so that they can reach their full potential. The program is driven by Commit to Study Peer Ambassadors who utilize social media and direct engagement to change the campus culture around studying and persistence. The Commit to Study program is supported in part by the CSU STEM VISTA program. Learn More