Dr. Bill West

Professor of Real Estate Law
Department of Organizational Behavior
College of Business Administration
California State University, Sacramento

TAH - Room # 2051
Tel : (916) 278-6153
Fall '00 Office Hours:

On Leave - Returning to teach Fall 2001 Semester

Email : westbw@csus.edu


  • Test Bank OBE 16
  • Test Bank OBE 19
  • Test Bank OBE 141& 203


My major activities, in order of preference, are teaching at CSUS, ocean sailing, non-fiction writing and snow skiing. You are rightfully concerned with my first preference, teaching.

Summarized, my teaching qualifications are:

BS - Accounting,  Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
MBA, Golden Gate University
JD, Boalt Hall of Law School, UC Berkeley

Informally I have;

Practiced law including many jury trials;
Engaged in the business of real estate, having built or developed projects ranging from a large apartment complex to my residence and;
Served as arbitrator of real estate disputes for the American Arbitration Association.

Even while teaching at CSUS some outside business activities are continued, for example, in the fall of '98 these activities include development and sale of low-income residental subdivision in and one never-ending real estate arbitration proceeding.

The most satisfying experiences from all of the precedeeing activities come from my classrooms, sharing the most meaningful of my experiences with you in an interactive and hopefully, educational style.