Randall E. Benfield




Randall E. Benfield is a lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, where he teaches courses in business communications.  These courses emphasize topics ranging from effective leadership skills for the 21st century to writing and presenting effective business documents.


At the same time, Mr. Benfield is involved in management training and development projects.  He has designed training programs and/or presented workshops in such areas as interpersonal communications, group dynamics, effective business writing techniques, customer service, employee coaching, and cultural and gender differences.  Benfield created an outdoor program--CLIMB Seminars--which combines group interaction with outdoor survival skills to enhance personal growth.  He has designed and operated "ropes" (obstacle) courses to improve the team skills of groups and organizations.


Benfield has co-produced two videotapes.  The first of these, Managing Resources, was commissioned for use in the Caltrans Developing Managerial Effectiveness program.  Another videotape, Employer Attitudes: A Focus Group Study, was prepared for the California Employment Development Department. 


In addition to working with Caltrans and EDD, Mr. Benfield has provided services to various other government agencies and private sector organizations, including the California State Treasurer's Office, CSUS Regional and Continuing Education, KVIE Channel 6 TV, Packard Bell NEC, Zurich Commercial Insurance Group, and others.


Benfield has practiced effective communication principles in a variety of settings.  Prior to receiving a Master of Business Administration degree (emphasis in organizational behavior) from California State University, Benfield taught English Arts at the high school level.  He also held the position of program director for a residential care facility, where he served as liaison between the organization and various state and local government agencies.


In his spare time, Benfield is active in the area of classical music, performing regularly on violin, piano, and organ.  He also takes advantage of any opportunity to pursue another interest--climbing and mountaineering.