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Business Law


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Course Descriptions

16. Law for General Education.
Principles of personal law analyzed through case study of its application to the individual. Student participation required in resolving typical legal problems associated with the family, home and vehicle ownership, crime, negligence, employment, death, taxation, consumerism, and education. 3 units.

018. Business Law.
An overview of law and the legal system for the businessperson. Topics include the rule of law and its foundation in ethics; the American legal process and institutions; selected areas of governmental regulation of business such as employment, consumer transactions, competition and the environment; and private law concepts of tort, contracts, agency and business organizations. Attention is paid to public policy, ethical, and management concerns as they relate to legal questions. 3 units. (CAN BUS 012)

117. Business, Ethics and Society
An investigation of contemporary business issues and management dilemmas in relation to broad social concerns. Focus is upon public and private decision making in the business environment and how business practices, ethics, and social concerns interrelate. Topics such as the nature of property and profits, efficiency and human values, the balancing of claims of owners, employees, customers, and others in community, corporate responsibility, corporate governance, government regulation and international dimensions of public policy will be covered. Prerequisite: Passing score on the WPE. 3 units.
NOTE: This course meets Area D2 requirements in the General Education Program (non-business majors) and Advanced Study requirements (all students).

118. Legal Environment of Business.
A study of business law for the business professional. Aside from investigating substantive law, the course stresses critical thinking and analytical evaluation of contemporary business problems. The course also encourages the identification of ethical concerns along with the ability to anticipate potential legal problems with the goal of preventing them. Covers introduction to the legal system; court procedures; contracts and sales; business organizations; real and personal property; labor and employment law; product liability, and the government regulation of business. OBE 16 or the equivalent is recommended. 3 units.

119. Business Law for the Accounting Professional
Business Law for the professional anticipating a career in accounting and/or practicing as a Certified Public Accountant. The course studies the legal liability of an accountant with extensive intellectual and pragmatic inquiries into the accountant-client relationship and an accountant's legal responsibility to society. The course will assist the future CPA in preparing for professional examinations and in identifying legal issues with the goal of preventing major legal disputes. The course builds on concepts mastered in OBE 118, especially business organizations and the government's regulation of business. This course covers agency, partnerships, corporations, secured transactions, securities regulation, bankruptcy, commercial paper, torts, suretyship, insurance, banking regulation, wills and trusts. Prerequisite: OBE 118. 3 units.

141. Managerial Real Estate Law.
An examination of the decision making process in land utilization transactions relative to the minimization of risks of legal confrontation. Traditional conflicts underlying real estate transactions are examined and principles of preventive law are derived. The management of litigation and transaction attorneys is considered. Court remedies that are pertinent to land utilization transactions are analyzed and compared to nonjudicial alternatives. Prerequisite: OBE 19. 3 units.

158. Labor and Employment Laws, Policies and Practices.
Development and current status of legislation, courts and government agencies' decisions in: union-management relations in private and public sectors; equal employment opportunity; protective legislation, particularly concerning health and safety; employment contracts in nonunion firms and the issues of job security and fair treatment; employee right of privacy; income and retirement security; and emerging issues in labor and personnel management. The impact of law on the management of human resources in an organization will be the focus rather than the purely technical logic of the statues, regulations, and public policies. 3 units.


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203. Legal Environment of Management.

An intensive study of important aspects of law for managers, including law as an instrument of social and political control. Analysis of selected problems in areas of private law such as contract, tort, business organizations, and agency. In addition, selected issues of administrative law and government regulation of business will be investigated. 2 units.

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