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Dr. Donald L. Carper

Professor Emeritus of Business Law

Office Number: TAH-2054
Office Phone: 278-7030

Prof. Carper is on FERP leave this semester.

He returns to teaching Fall 2005.

Internet E-mail Address:



About Professor Donald L. Carper

 Donald Carper is a Professor of Legal Studies in Business and Dispute Resolution in the Department of Organizational Behavior and Environment in the College of Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento. He has taught classes full or part-time since 1973 teaching at McGeorge School of Law, University of California, Davis and the University of the Pacific as well as CSUS.

Through teaching, publication, seminars, and conferences, Professor Carper has established a special expertise in the area of dispute resolution and arbitration practices. His area of teaching expertise includes contract law, arbitration practices, conflict management, and negotiation.

Professor Carper has conducted numerous training programs for state agencies and labor negotiating teams on organization politics, negotiation and sexual harassment. Professor Carper has participated as a trainer in American Arbitration Training Programs for arbitrators and mediators. He served as an instructor in the CSUS management certificate program for Chinese managers, presented workshops for the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution in Sacramento and Ghana, Africa, and presented workshops and speeches on Mediation practices in Kaluga, Russia for judges, lawyers, educators, businesspersons, administrators, and public officials. He recently completed a project with the Russian American Program on Conflict Resolution and the Institute of Municipal Govern­ment in Kaluga, to establish community mediation centers in central Russia.  He continues to work on various initiatives involving dispute resolution in Russia and Africa.

Recent research and publications include “Observations from the adaptation of a North American mediation model in Russia and Africa”; "A Conflict Management Curriculum in Business and Public Administration"; "Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Business Law Curricula"; "Current Topics in Dispute Resolution"; and "Remedies in Business Arbitrations."   He has published four textbooks and five teaching supplements for Thompson Learning and West's Educational Publishing emphasizing business and personal law.

As a practicing manager, Professor Carper was chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior and Environment from 1988-1990. During this period, he served as Director of the Business Education Institute. Professor Carper was the managing attorney for the Stockman Law Corporation, a health and corporation law firm, from 1984 to 1986. He served as Dean of Students at McGeorge School of Law from 1971 to 1977. He began McGeorge School of Law's Institute of Administrative Justice and taught in several training programs provided for state agencies. From 1967 to 1971, Professor Carper was a Research Associate with the State of California Coordinating Council for Higher Education. While in that position, he performed research, provided legislative and government liaison, and administered federal grant programs.

He has served as chair, panel member, and sole arbitrator on business dissolutions, commercial contracts, investment contracts, fraud claims, insurance coverage, non-compete agreements, employment issues, and residential land investment real estate disputes. He was a judge pro-tem for the Sacramento Municipal Court from 1986 to 1989. He has been an AAA commercial and construction panel member since 1981 and on the AAA mediation panel member since 1986. He mediates and arbitrates commercial disputes. 

Professor Carper received his undergraduate degree in Personnel and Industrial Relations at California State University, Chico, his Masters of Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and his J.D. from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He has completed advanced courses in administrative law and teaching negotiation from Harvard College and courses in arbitration, mediation, and negotiation from the American Arbitration Association. He has studied law and legal practice in the former Soviet Union.  In addition he has studied under Bill Lincoln of Conflict Resolution Research and Research Institute and taken Advanced Mediator Training for Jim Melamed of The Mediation Center, Inc.  

Among his memberships and professional associations, are the: American Arbitration Association, International Association for Conflict Management, Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, Industrial Relations Research Association, American Bar Association, California State Bar Association, and the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. He has served as a regional President of the American Society of Public Administration and president of the Western Academy of Legal Studies in Business. He is member of the Sacramento Advisory Board for the American Arbitration Association and he is an associate with the California Center for Public Dispute Resolution. 

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