Group Project

200 points or 20% of your class grade


The Group Project assignment is designed to give you the experience of working in a group in a professional setting. I will dismiss class 10 minutes early once you your number is assigned so that you can meet with the others in the class to exchange relevant contact information that are assigned the same number. You will need to meet with your group members several times either face-to-face or remotely (email, phone etc.) to ensure that you complete your project on time. You will need to manage your time so that you are not doing all of the work at the last minute if you desire to get a good grade on the project.


Trust between members in a group is vital to strong group performance. Therefore you should perform on any commitments that you make to your team members. The grade is based on the presentation and the paper your group submits. Your individual grade will be the same as your group grade. In order to get the best grade possible I suggest that you meet face-to-face several times but meeting face-to-face is not a requirement.



•  3 minutes maximum summarizing the case

•  5 minutes on the behavioral theory(s) that apply and why.

•  4 minutes to present the key questions that your group thought were applicable to the case and your recommendation to solve the problem.

•  12 Minutes Maximum


Submit a 4-5 page paper that includes all of the components listed above and a collective evaluation of the experience of working together as a group on your assigned case study the day of your presentation.



Roles for the Group members:


The group will receive a grade based on the criteria above. The group will be issued one grade and each member of the project will receive the same grade.