John B. LaRocco, J.D., LL.M.

Professor of Business Law

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Spring 2005 Office Hours

M 3:30-5:30 PM

T 5:00-6:00 PM

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Spring 2005 Classes

OBE 118-09  MW 5:45-7:00 PM  CLV-123

OBE 118-10  MW 5:45-7:00 PM  LIB-11

OBE 255-01  T 6:00-8:50 PM  AMD-152



Dr. John LaRocco is a nationally known labor arbitrator and mediator.  The nation's largest corporations and labor unions call on him to assist them in settling their disputes and to adjudicate grievances.  He served on a Presidential Emergency Board to recommend to the White House ways to solve a national transportation dispute.  The parties accepted the Board's recommendation which averted a national railroad strike.  Dr. LaRocco has been involved in about 3000 mediations and arbitrations.

Many of Dr. LaRocco's arbitration decisions are published by various services including the Bureau of National Affairs, Labor Relations Press and the National Mediation Board.  Dr. LaRocco's decisions address controversial and contemporary labor and employee relations issues such as:

Sexual Harassment Just Cause Termination
Drug Testing Wage Rates & Compensation
Pension Plan Management 
& Investment
Job Stabilization
Off-Duty Misconduct Job Evaluations
Employee Promotion 
& Selection
Performance Evaluations
Violence in the Workplace Disability Discrimination
Employee Discipline Seniority
Job Assignments Job Scheduling
Past Practices Productivity
Technological Innovation Employee Protection

From Dr. LaRocco's decisions, employees and managers learn how to conduct themselves in the workplace and what subjects need to be addressed through collective bargaining. In essence, these arbitration decisions constitute "the law of the workplace."  As a mediator, Dr. LaRocco helps the parties negotiate satisfactory settlements.

Dr. LaRocco holds a Bachelors' Degree in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University of Chicago, a Juris Doctor from University of San Diego School of Law and a Masters of Law from the Georgetown University Law Center.  Due to his extensive experience, published arbitration decisions and scholarly activities, Dr. LaRocco is recognized as an expert in Labor Law and Labor Relations.  In the last twenty years he has given more than forty speeches and lectures across the country. Dr. LaRocco brings real world experience into the classroom which gives students a perspective different from a mere textbook.  He and his students stay current in a constantly changing field.

Dr. LaRocco has published numerous articles on labor and employment arbitration, labor laws and labor relations. His most recent articles are "Just Cause Collides With Public Policy in Sexual Harassment Arbitration," 49th proceedings of the IRRA (1997); "Ethical Issues Conducting Labor Arbitrations," Dispute Resolution Journal, April 1995; "Reforming Baseball Salary Arbitration: Controversy and Continuity," NAA (BNA; 1995); and "Another Voice: The Dilemma of Romance in the Workplace,"  Sacramento Business Journal  (1999-02-15).

Dr. LaRocco is a  member of the National Academy of Arbitrators; he has served as Chair of the Sacramento County Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law and is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators.  Dr. LaRocco is also a member of the Industrial Relations Research Association, the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution and the Industrial Relation Research Association of Northern California.  Before becoming an arbitrator and professor, Dr. LaRocco practiced law and he is licensed to practice law in California, Illinois and the District of Columbia.

John LaRocco teaches:
§   OBE 118 (The Legal Environment of Management) 
§   OBE 119 (Business Law for the Accounting Professional) 
§   OBE 155 (Conflict Management and Negotiation) 
§   OBE 157 (Industrial Relations) 
§   OBE 158 (Labor & Employment Laws, Policies and Practices) 
§   OBE 199 (Tutorials in Labor Law and Labor Relations) 
§   OBE 253 (Personnel Management) 
§   OBE 255 (Seminar on Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution) 
§   OBE 258 (Industrial Relations)

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