International Programs and Global Engagement

Faculty-led Programs

The Office of Academic Affairs offers the following options for faculty members who intend to lead international travel-study programs:

Option 1, with Academic Credit: Please contact Ms. Jill Matsueda in the College of Continuing Education. Tel. 278-4930

Option 2, with No Academic Credit: Please contact Dr. Donald Taylor in the Office of Academic Affairs. Tel. 278-5933

All international travel-study programs affiliated with this university must comply with relevant Executive Orders, including:
EO 745: Self Support Campus Based Study Abroad Programs
EO 998: Study Abroad Programs
EO 1006: Student Activities
EO 1012: Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance
EO 1022: Study Abroad through non-CSU Program Providers
EO 1041: California State University Student Travel Policy