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English Language Proficiency Requirement

All applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency through an acceptable test. Official test scores must be received directly from the authorized testing agency by the document deadline to continue processing


Spring 2015 semester (January-May)
October 30, 2014 (Impacted majors' document deadline is September 15, 2014)

Fall 2015 Semester (August-December)
May 1, 2015 (Impacted majors' document deadline is March 1, 2015)

Undergraduate Majors not accepting F1 Applicants - Nursing

Admission-Minimum Standards
First Time Freshman (Students applying directly from high school/secondary school who have earned no college or university credit)

  • Complete a high/secondary/upper secondary school curriculum which equals 12 years of primary-secondary education.  Must earn a graduation diploma or certificate
  • Complete high school curriculum with grades or marks equivalent to 3.0 grade point average (GPA) on the 4.0 grading scale
  • Submit official high school transcript (academic record) showing all courses with final grades or marks, and graduation diploma or certificate
  • Official transcript must be in the original language of issue with certified English translation and mailed directly from the school, Central Board, Examination Council, Ministry of Education to the International Admissions Office
  • Submit official SAT, ACT and AP(if taken) test scores directly from the authorized testing agency
  • Submit official verification of English language proficiency by completing one of the acceptable tests (see above)

TOEFL score minimum: 510 paper/64 iBT; IELTS (Academic) minimum score 6.5; PTE (Academic) minimum score 50. Our TOEFL institution code is 4671. (IELTS and PTE do not require school codes)

First Time Freshman must request all official academic records from all U.S and overseas schools attended in both the native language and English translation. All records from the US and overseas must be mailed directly from each school in the school unopened sealed envelope to International Admissions

Upper Division Transfer Students (Students who are or have enrolled at an accredited College or University with no post-secondary degree completed) No Lower Division transfers are being accepted at this time

Transfer Students must have completed:

  • 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter units)
  • Minimum overall gpa of a 2.00 (except for impacted majors)*
  • You must be in good academic standing at the previous school attended
  • Completion of 30 semester units (45 quarter units) of General Education (GE) including:
    • Area A1 - Oral Communication
    • Area A2 - Written Communication
    • Area A3 - Critical Thinking
    • Area B4 - College level Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (higher than Intermediate Algebra)

The Golden 4 GE requirements must be completed the summer prior to Spring admission and by October 1 for a Fall Admission

  • Submit official transcripts from all Colleges and Universities attended in the US and abroad whether or not you desire transfer credit. Failure to submit all documents from each school attended is considered a serious offense by the University and will cancel your admission and enrollment. The hard copy transcripts must be mailed directly from each institution in the native language with a certified English translation (for all non-English documents) to the International Admissions office. We do not accept student issued documents.
  • Submit course syllabi from all Non-California Community Colleges attended (in English for all non-English institutions). These syllabi should be official school documents and include detailed information on the breadth and depth of the subject matter, the hours per week of classroom and laboratory instruction, names of textbooks used and other pertinent information.
  • Submit official verification of English language proficiency- International undergraduate transfer students from accredited California Community Colleges who earn a grade of B or higher in ALL three of the following GE Areas A1, Oral Communication; Area A2, Written Communication and A3; Critical Thinking will be exempt from the English language proficiency test requirement. The student must submit official transcripts to verify completion.

Transfer students with records from overseas institutions only are encouraged to attend a local California Community College to complete all the necessary coursework prior to applying for admission

IMPACTED PROGRAMS If you intend to major in one of our Designated Impacted Programs, please check with that program for supplemental criteria, application instruction and important deadline:

Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Health Science
Graphic Design & Photography

  • Complete all pre-major courses by Summer (for Spring admission)/October 1 (for Fall admission)
  • Submit the departmental Supplemental Application after admission to the University

Pre-Major vs. Expressed Interest - what does this mean for you?

Pre-Major - A designation for undergraduate students pursuing a non-impacted major. These students may declare or be assigned major status upon admission to the university or by the department/program of their intended major after completing specified pre-requisites as defined by their academic department/program.

Expressed Interest - A designation for undergraduate students interested in pursuing an impacted major but who may not declare or be assigned by the department/program of their intended major upon admission to the university. These students must successfully completed any specified pre-requisites and a supplemental admissions process in order to be formally admitted to the major/program.

First Time Freshman may apply to impacted majors without submitting a Supplemental Application. Upon completion of the pre-major courses, you will be required to submit a Supplemental Application for Upper Division major consideration


Spring 2015 semester (January-May)
Application period begins August 1, 2014 to September 15, 2014*

Graduate Programs accepting application for Spring 2015.

*MBA programs appliations and document deadline September 1, 2014.

Fall 2015 semester (August-December)
Application period begins October 1, 2014
Document deadlines will vary by department, contact International Admissions for details

Admission-Minimum Standards

Graduate, Post Baccalaureate (Students seeking a degree beyond Bachelors)

  • Completion of an acceptable 4-year baccalaureate degree program at an accredited institution (e.g. MOE, AICTE, Higher Education Commissions)
  • Meet the university minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 on the 4.00 grading scale (some departments require a higher gpa)
  • Submit all official transcripts/mark sheets/diplomas/degree certificates. The documents must be submitted from all institutions attended whether in the US or abroad, and must be mailed directly from the authorized body (e.g. University, Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs, CDGDC by the deadline)
  • Submit official records in both the native language and certified English translation (see country specific requirements)
  • Submit official verification of English language proficiency by completing one of the acceptable tests and have the score report sent directly from the authorized testing agency

TOEFL score minimum 550 paper/80 iBT**, IELTS (Academic) score minimum 7.0**, PTE (Academic) minimum score of 65** Our TOEFL Institution code is 4671. (IELTS and PTE do not require school codes)

**Some departments such as English, TESOL, Speech Pathology, and Engineering require a higher score

  • Submit official GRE,GMAT or other score report for certain graduate programs
  • Submit all supplemental documents (letters of recommendation, portfolio, essays) required by the International Admissions office and the intended program of study

Official Academic Records

All applicants are required to submit official transcripts (academic records) from each college or university attended, including community colleges and study abroad institutions. Separate transcripts from each college or university are required even though one transcript may show work taken at another institution. Official academic records are issued directly from the university. Your academic record (transcript) and degree certificate must arrive in our office in a sealed, unopened envelope with a university stamp or signature on the envelope flap.

Please note: Notarized transcripts are not considered official. To be considered official, the transcripts must be university issued.

"Original" and "official" documents are not the same. An "official" document is a document that has been issued by, authenticated by or attested to be a true copy of the original by the awarding university. If your school issued only one original transcript, graduation certificate and Bachelors degree certificate, you should send photocopies of your original academic documents to your university and ask that they attest or verify the copies to be true copies of the original. Ask your university to place attested copies in a sealed envelope with a school stamp across the envelope flap. We will only consider academic documents to be official that have been attested by the university that awarded your degree.

Send all Application Materials to:

International Admissions
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street, Lassen Hall 2304
Sacramento, CA 95819-6012

Admissions Decision
Once your CSU Mentor International application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.
Undergraduate applicants should receive a decision within approximately three to four weeks after all required documents have been received by International Admissions.

Graduate applications may take longer because all final admission decisions are made by the academic department for each degree program.

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