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Oxford Brookes University is based on three main campuses: the Headington Campus, Harcourt Hill Campus and Wheatley Campus. The Headington Campus is located on three sites. Headington-Gipsy Lane, the largest and main teaching site, is situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful university city of Oxford, which is set in the Thames Valley about 50 miles from London. Headington-Headington Hill is just across the road from Gipsy Lane and is the university’s newest site. It is a 6-hectare parkland estate which houses the Students’ Union complex, parts of the School of Business, and the School of Visual Arts, Music and Publishing. Headington-Marston Road is home of the School of Health and Social Care. The Harcourt Hill Campus is about 3 miles (4.8 km) from the city centre on Oxford’s western perimeter and is home to students studying teacher education, human development, philosophy, religious studies and theology. The Wheatley Campus, 11 km southeast of the city centre, is a spacious 21 hectares set amongst green fields and is the home to students studying business, IT and mathematical sciences. There are shops, places to eat, bars, and banking facilities on every campus.

The traditional form of transportation in Oxford is the bicycle, and many students make use of the network of cycle tracks across the city to get about. The university operates an excellent 7-days-a-week bus service, BROOKES bus, which operates between the campus, halls of residence, the city centre and railway station. Oxford offers cultural facilities that would do justice to most capital cities. Its ancient buildings, museums, galleries, theaters, gardens, parks, and the river as well as pubs, cafes, and shops all lie within a short walk from the university. For those who want to explore London, buses run about every 15 minutes to London from Oxford.

Oxford Brookes University, with over 18,000 students, is one of the most distinguished and also one of the most popular of the institutions in the state system of higher education in England. It’s three libraries contain half a million books, DVDs and CDs available to borrow, plus access to databases, electronic journals and e-books both on and off campus. Computing facilities are available every day, some for 24 hours a day. There are sports facilities on all three campuses, with indoor and outdoor activities for all levels.

The Medical Centre on the Headington Campus offers all students access to a comprehensive and confidential medical service. The Students’ Union has over 80 clubs and societies covering a range of cultural, social and academic interests that students can join.


Students who would like to study in England for one semester or an academic year while still remaining enrolled at this university have an excellent opportunity through this study abroad program. Our students at Oxford Brookes share the British education experience rather than simply participating in an American program on English soil. Undergraduate courses offered include the following: Arts and Humanities (including English, Fine Art, History and Music); Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Built Environment (including Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Construction Project Management and Real Estate Management); Business and Management (including Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing Management and Business Information Systems); Computing and Mathematical Sciences; Multimedia and Sound Technology; Education, Early Years and Teacher Training; Environmental Sciences; Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism; Languages (including French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Spanish); Mechanical, Automotive and Motorsports Engineering; Media and Communications (including Communication, Media and Culture, Film Studies and Publishing); Philosophy; Religion and Theology; Social Sciences (including Anthropology, Geography, International Relations, Japanese Studies, Politics, Sociology); Social Work; Sport, Exercise and Nutrition.

Please note that postgraduate courses at Oxford Brookes are not available to our students through this program. Graduate level students, however, are allowed to take undergraduate courses and can discuss this option with the graduate coordinator in their academic department. The academic department at this university may or may not give graduate level credit for a third-year undergraduate course at Oxford Brookes.


All participants are required to be full-time while studying in England and, thus, take the equivalent of 15 units during each semester for undergraduates and 12 units per semester for graduates.

Applicants should have upper division standing with a declared major at this university by the end of the semester prior to departure or have classified graduate standing at the time of the application deadline, good academic records, and a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better at the time of application. In most cases, the lower division course requirements of the appropriate field of study must have been completed by the end of the semester prior to departure. All applicants should check to ensure that they are on track for meeting the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). The applicant also should be prepared to accept the challenge of study in a country with an educational system different from our own.


Oxford Brookes operates on a semester system with each semester consisting of a 12-week teaching period followed by a week of exams. Semester 1 usually begins in September and ends after exams in December. Semester 2 usually begins in January and ends after exams in May. The International Student Orientation takes place about a week before the start of classes each semester.


Students accepted to the program will pay the usual California State University, Sacramento fees, remain eligible for financial aid (except work/study), if otherwise qualified, and receive resident credit just as if they were attending classes at this university. (Please note that equivalency of courses falls under the jurisdiction of the academic department.) Oxford Brookes University has agreed to waive non-resident tuition, approximately 11,000 pounds (over $16,865) per year, making this a particularly attractive opportunity for participants. Students will pay for their travel to and from Oxford, room and board, books, and incidentals. In addition, each student must have the required insurance during his or her stay in England.

Expenses for a semester in Oxford are estimated at the following: usual undergraduate fees - $3,314 (graduates would pay the graduate fee), airfare - $1,175, insurance - $225, room and board - $5,550, incidentals (including books, local transportation, clothing, entertainment) - $2,200. Total $12,464. The estimated expenses for an academic year are about $23,753. This estimate is given for planning purposes only and is subject to changes from currency fluctuation, inflation, and fee changes. Keep in mind that students are responsible for obtaining their own passports and student visas. The costs to obtain these are not included in this estimate. 


Campus financial aid, with the exception of federal work study, is applicable abroad. Whether or not you have ever received financial aid, you should investigate this possibility by contacting Miesha Williams (study abroad contact) in the Sacramento State Financial Aid Office. Students also are encouraged to investigate and apply for scholarships for their study or research abroad. A listing of specific scholarships and scholarship resource information, with websites, is available on the Office of Global Education website. For individual advising and application information on scholarships / grants for study or research abroad, you should contact Dr. Jack Godwin in the Office of Global Education. 


Oxford Brookes has several housing options: halls of residence, university managed housing, and flats (apartments) and houses in the private market.  Locating housing is the individual student’s responsibility although the Accommodation Office at Oxford Brookes will give assistance in this area.

Students in the study abroad program who desire to live in a hall of residence and who will be participating for one semester only will have their hall accommodation automatically arranged for them. Students desiring to live in the halls who will be participating for an academic year must complete the hall application form and submit it to Oxford Brookes by the accommodation application deadline.

Private flats and houses are usually difficult to obtain in Oxford and the rents are high. The North Oxford Overseas Centre ( is a good resource to contact for housing suitable for couples and families. For more information on on-campus and off-campus housing options, visit the Oxford Brookes housing website at

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