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Hungary - Corvinus University of Budapest

Established in 1948, Corvinus University of Budapest is one of Central Europe’s premier universities and Hungary’s leading university in the field of economics. Corvinus University is Hungary’s major center for research in economics, and many of the faculty members are advisors to government and businesses. The university, with about 14,000 students, is located on a magnificent site on the bank of the Danube River in downtown Budapest. Courses are offered in English, French, German, and Hungarian. They are taught by Hungarian and guest professors.

Corvinus University of Budapest has a network of libraries with special collections which are in many ways unique in comparison with other libraries in Hungarian higher education.  The CUB library network includes the Library of the Faculties of Business Administration, Economics and Social Sciences (Central Library), the Library of the Faculty of Public Administration (Bibliotheca Publica), and the Library and Archive of the Faculties of Horticulture, Food Science and Landscape Architecture (Entz Ferenc Library and Archives).

The International Office of Corvinus University is the coordinating body for the study abroad programs and works closely with the faculties. It is the general advising office for the international students. It also coordinates the Tandem Program, which connects international students with Hungarian students to help with the adaptation to life in Hungary. Students automatically receive Hungarian partner students who usually contact them by email before they depart for Hungary.


Hungary is in the heart of central Europe. The capital city of Budapest is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city of two million people. Rich in culture and history, Budapest is one of the most enjoyable cities in which to spend time while studying overseas. Its restaurants, museums, nightlife, hospitality, famous thermal baths, and natural beauty make it a favorite of many foreign visitors. The public transportation system in Budapest is excellent.


This study abroad program is an excellent opportunity for business and economics majors and for those students specifically interested in Hungarian and European Union studies.  Courses listed at the following Corvinus University website are those available to exchange students: Click on British flag for information in English. (Select “Exchanges”, Incoming students”, “Courses”)

Students may take courses at the bachelor or master level.  They must ensure they have the appropriate coursework background to succeed in any of the courses they plan to take and take courses as appropriate.

All participants in this program must take Hungarian language during their first semester of participation.

The courses offered for exchange students are part of the following Faculties:

The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) offers specializations in accounting, corporate finance, information management, international management, management and organization, marketing, operations management, and public sector management.  Specializations offered at the graduate level include: international business and economics and business administration.  The International Study Program (ISP) is located within this Faculty.  The ISP is responsible for the Faculty’s English language programs and hosts the large number of exchange students coming to the FBA.

The Faculty of Economics (FEC) offers specializations in finance, economic theories, applied statics, European studies, public service, and actuary studies. Graduate specializations include: international economics and European studies and social economics.

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) offers specializations in European studies, international law, international relations, political science, sociology, and Hungarian civilization and language.  The Center for Foreign Language Education and Research is located within this Faculty.

Students proficient in Hungarian also may find courses of interest within the Faculties of Landscape Architecture, Horticultural Science, and Food Science.


All participants are required to be full-time while studying in Hungary and, thus, take the equivalent of 15 units during each semester for undergraduates and 12 units per semester for graduates.

Applicants should have upper division standing with a declared major at this university by the end of the semester prior to departure or have classified graduate standing at the time of the application deadline, good academic records, and a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduates or better at the time of application. In most cases, the lower division course requirements of the appropriate field of study must have been completed by the end of the semester prior to departure. All applicants should check to ensure that they are on track for meeting the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). The applicant also should be prepared to accept the challenge of study in a country with an educational system different from our own. No prior knowledge of Hungarian is required.


Corvinus University operates on a semester system calendar similar to that of this university. The first semester runs from about the beginning of September to about late December, including exams taken by exchange students. The second semester runs from about late January to the middle of May, including exams. Students must participate in the orientation day and, thus, will report to the university a few days before the start of classes. It is important to note that the academic calendar for courses within the Faculties of Food Science, Horticultural Sciences, and Landscape Architecture may be different from the calendar dates listed above.


Students accepted to the program will pay the usual California State University, Sacramento fees, remain eligible for financial aid (except work/study), if otherwise qualified, and receive resident credit just as if they were attending classes at this university. (Please note that equivalency of courses falls under the jurisdiction of the academic department.) Students will pay for their travel to and from Budapest, room and board, books, and incidentals. In addition, each student must have the required insurance during his or her stay in Hungary.

Expenses for a semester in Hungary are estimated at the following: usual undergraduate fees - $3,314 (graduates would pay the graduate fee), room - $2,925, meals - $1,380, airfare - $1,220, insurance - $265, incidentals (including local transportation, books, clothing, entertainment) - $1,600. Total: $10,704. The estimated expenses for an academic year are about $20,188. This estimate is given for planning purposes only and is subject to changes from currency fluctuation, inflation, and fee changes. Keep in mind that students are responsible for obtaining their own passports and student visas. The costs to obtain these are not included in this estimate.


Campus financial aid, with the exception of federal work study, is applicable abroad. Whether or not you have ever received financial aid, you should investigate this possibility by contacting Miesha Williams (study abroad contact) in the Sacramento State Financial Aid Office. Students also are encouraged to investigate and apply for scholarships for their study or research abroad. A listing of specific scholarships and scholarship resource information, with websites, is available on the Office of Global Education website. For individual advising and application information on scholarships / grants for study or research abroad, you should contact Dr. Jack Godwin in the Office of Global Education. 


Most international students rent rooms or apartments, as accommodation in residence halls is not available.  It is recommended that students find temporary housing for the first couple of days and then look for more permanent housing after arrival when they can view the rental locations.  Sharing an apartment with one or two other students is a good way to lower costs. The Corvinus University International Office maintains a listing of real estate agencies ready to help international students find their housing (some of these agencies are listed under Accommodation in the ECTS Guide for international students.)  The website of the Faculty of Business Administration also gives suggestions for short and long-term housing at (select “General info” and “Accommodation”).  The Hungarian Tandem partner also can be consulted for help in finding housing.  It is very important to read the rental agreement carefully before paying or signing anything.  Meals are available at a low-cost Corvinus University cafeteria, at restaurants and cafés in Budapest, or prepared by students in their own apartments.


Hungary’s climate is continental. It is cold and snowy during the winter, and it gets relatively hot with low overall humidity during the summer. Study abroad students should, therefore, bring appropriate clothing for the seasons they plan to spend in Hungary.

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