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Taiwan - Tamkang University

Tamkang University was founded in 1950 and is the oldest private university in Taiwan. It has four campuses. Our study abroad program is with the Tamsui campus, which lies on the outskirts of the city in Taipei County. The Tamsui campus is the university’s main campus and serves as the academic home to the majority of Tamkang’s 28,500 students. The campus includes beautiful gardens, the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, the Chueh-sheng Memorial Library, the Slope of Overcoming Difficulty, Chinese palace-style classroom buildings, a Maritime Museum, a natatorium (swimming complex), a stadium, basketball court, volleyball court, skating rink, tennis courts, and the Reitaku International House.


The participant fluent in Mandarin may take courses in the following fields if appropriate prerequisite courses have been completed:

Chinese Literature, History, Mass Communication, Information and Communication, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Information Engineering, International Trade, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Industrial Economics, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Statistics, Information Management, Public Administration, Management  and Decision Making, Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian), Management, International Business Management, Educational Technology, Global Political Economy.

Graduate students may take courses (in Mandarin) in American Studies, Asian Studies, China Studies, European Studies, Japanese Studies, International Affairs and Strategic Studies, or Education.

Tamkang University does offer some courses taught in English, mainly for students in the fields of business and engineering. A limited number of courses also may be offered in foreign languages and literature and science. The list of these courses, which change every year, can be found at the Tamkang University course search page. Please note that some of the courses listed are graduate-level courses; however, undergraduate students may take these courses. Study abroad participants may not take Executive Bachelor’s, Executive Master’s, or Teacher Education courses at Tamkang University.


Tamkang University (English version):
From this website under “Study in TKU”, you can find information on courses taught in English and the “Chinese Language Program.” The section on “Curriculum” lists the various colleges at TKU and courses within each which are taught in Chinese.

Tamkang University course search:
To find all courses taught in English: Select “Course Search” at top of page.  Select “II. Category”, “All English Instruction” under Category, and then “Search” at top of page.  To find the syllabus or course description, select the number in the syllabus column of each course. All courses instructed in English should be on this page.

To search courses using a key word within the course title:
Select “IV. Course Title”, type the key word in Course Title, select “Show the courses containing these words in their titles”, and then “Search” at top of page. Courses will be instructed in Chinese, unless listed as “Course instructed in English”.

As this study abroad program is with the Tamsui campus, you should take courses offered only at the Tamsui campus.  Courses not available to our students are those within the Executive Bachelor’s program, Executive Master’s program and Teacher Education.

Please note that the offerings in this program do not allow a student to take only Chinese language and English instructed culture courses and still meet the full-time course load requirement. Additional courses would need to be taken to meet this requirement.


All students participating in this program will be required to take Mandarin Chinese language for credit each semester at Tamkang University. Three levels of Chinese (basic, intermediate, and advanced) are offered at the Tamsui campus. The two basic courses designed for study abroad students are: Chinese Mandarin Conversation (2 credits offered in both first and second semesters) and Chinese Reading and Writing (2 credits offered in the second semester only).

The more extensive Chinese language program (9 levels) is offered through the Chinese Language Program within the Tamkang University Division of Continuing Education in the city of Taipei. Regular Chinese courses involve three hours per day, fifteen hours per week. Each term of Mandarin Chinese lasts for eleven weeks. It is expected that students studying at Tamkang University for an academic year would take three terms of language, if taking courses through the Chinese Language Program. For semester students, only one term of language may be feasible. For the Chinese language courses taken through the Chinese Language Program, students receive a certificate and not credit, but study abroad students at the Tamsui campus are allowed to take one course per 11 week term and 3 courses per academic year through the Program free of charge, if they wish to do so. (Please note that to travel from the Tamsui Campus to the language learning site in the city of Taipei takes about 90 minutes and costs about NT$100 for the transportation one way. Thus, it is expected that most students will want to take their language classes at the Tamsui campus.) For more information on the Chinese Language Program, access the link from the Tamkang University (English version) website.


All participants are required to be full-time while studying in Taiwan and, thus, take the equivalent of 15 units during each semester for undergraduates and 12 units per semester for graduates.

Applicants should have upper division standing with a declared major at this university by the end of the semester prior to departure or have classified graduate standing at the time of the application deadline, good academic records, and a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduates or better at the time of application. One semester of college-level Mandarin and an appropriate course related to Asian culture must be completed by the end of the semester prior to departure. Completion of one year of Mandarin before participation is encouraged. In most cases, the lower division course requirements of the appropriate field of study must have been completed by the end of the semester prior to departure.  All applicants should check to ensure that they are on track for meeting the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). The applicant also should be prepared to accept the challenge of study in a country with an educational system different from our own.


First semester students should plan on arriving at Tamkang University a couple of days prior to the orientation for study abroad students, which usually takes place during the second week of September. Classes usually begin soon thereafter. Final examinations take place around the second week of January.

Second semester students should plan on arriving at Tamkang University around the first week of February as classes usually begin during the second week of February. Final examinations take place around mid-June.


Students accepted to the program will pay the usual California State University, Sacramento fees, remain eligible for financial aid (except work/study), if otherwise qualified, and receive resident credit just as if they were attending classes at this university. (Please note that equivalency of courses falls under the jurisdiction of the academic department.) Tamkang University has agreed to waive non-resident tuition, making this a particularly attractive opportunity for participants. Students will pay for their travel to and from Taipei, room and board, books and incidentals. In addition, each student must have the required insurance during his or her stay in Taiwan.

Expenses for a semester in Taiwan are estimated at the following: usual undergraduate fees - $3,314 (graduates would pay the graduate fee), airfare - $1,420, insurance - $325, housing at the International House - $465, food - $1,800, incidentals for 5 months (including books, local transportation, clothing, entertainment) - $1,700. Total $9,024. The estimated expenses for an academic year are about $16,720. This estimate is given for planning purposes only and is subject to changes from currency fluctuation, inflation, and fee changes. Keep in mind that students are responsible for obtaining their own passports and student visas. The costs to obtain these are not included in this estimate. Please be aware that you also may be required to provide several passport size photos upon arrival at Tamkang for the completion of various documents.


Campus financial aid, with the exception of federal work study, is applicable abroad. Whether or not you have ever received financial aid, you should investigate this possibility by contacting Miesha Williams (study abroad contact) in the Sacramento State Financial Aid Office. Students also are encouraged to investigate and apply for scholarships for their study or research abroad. A listing of specific scholarships and scholarship resource information, with websites, is available on the Office of Global Education website. For individual advising and application information on scholarships / grants for study or research abroad, you should contact Dr. Jack Godwin in the Office of Global Education. 

The participant also may apply for a scholarship from TKU if he/she has the minimum grade point average for the
program. Receiving a scholarship is not guaranteed and must be applied for after arrival at the Tamsui campus. The scholarship amounts to approximately NT$18,000 (about US $601) per semester. Recipients of the scholarship must undertake 20 hours of volunteer service at TKU.


Most students will want to apply to live in the TKU Reitaku International House at the Tamsui campus due to the low cost of only about NT$14,000 (about US $465) per semester. Usually 3 to 4 students are accommodated in each room. This cost does not include food. The International House is closed during the summer vacation (roughly from July 1 to mid-September). Study abroad students who are studying at TKU for an academic year and remaining in Taipei for the winter vacation (roughly from mid-January to late February) may be able to continue to stay at the International House. They would need to  apply to stay. Mentors and caretakers are not available during this period of time.

At the Tamsui campus there are several eating places: the Kuan-hai (Sea View) Restaurant (Chinese food); the Food Court at the basement of Sung-Tao Hall which offers many kinds of food; the House of Hampton on the first floor of the library (Western foods, afternoon tea, internet connection); and the Fast Food Restaurant (hamburgers, sandwiches, and drinks). There are also many restaurants near the campus. There are also a post office, an ATM, and a health clinic on campus.

If staying at the Tamsui campus, students can reach Taipei by bus (discount pre-paid passes are available) or by Mass Rapid Transportation (a 20% off discount pre-paid pass is available).

For off-campus housing, the cost of renting a room or apartment can vary from NT$8000 to NT$30000 per month.


Taiwan is located in a subtropical climate area and is humid all year round. The temperature in Tamsui is often about 30°C (86°F) in summer and rarely below 10°C (50°F) in winter. For the Tamsui area, students should be prepared for frequent rain in winter.

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