International Programs and Global Engagement

General Information

Visit the International Programs and Global Engagement office Lassen Hall, Room 2304

The International Programs and Global Engagement office at California State University, Sacramento offers advising on study abroad programs. There are two options available: California State University International Programs (administered by the Chancellor's Office of the CSU - see and the California State University, Sacramento Study Abroad Programs (see link below for individual country flyers under the tab Sac State programs.)

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is a life changing experience! These are some of the objectives that can be accomplished by studying abroad:

1. To learn a language other than English or to improve language skills.

2. To become acquainted with the people, culture, and history of a country.

3. To take courses in one's major and/or minor.

4. To gain valuable intercultural communication skills.

5. To gain self-confidence and self-knowledge.

6. To enhance the quality of one's studies and knowledge in one's field.

7. To develop skills necessary to perform effectively in a global economy.

8. To have an edge in the job market and enhance career opportunities.

9. To take courses not offered at the Sacramento State campus.

10. To have a better chance of entering a particular master's or doctoral program.

11. To go beyond a tourism experience and undergo the transformation from visitor to resident.

12. To prepare for the multi ethnic work force present in the State of California.

While students are strongly encouraged to study abroad for an academic year, there are some semester study abroad options within the Sacramento State Study Abroad Programs.


Students studying on either the CSU International Programs or Sacramento State Study Abroad Programs retain campus residency and are registered here. All academic work completed during the year is considered to be resident credit (not transfer credit). After the semester/academic year abroad is completed and the appropriate transcript received at the home campus, host university course titles, units, and grades are converted to home campus terms. They then become a part of the student's official Sacramento State transcript.

Selection Criteria

See each individual program description for appropriate selection criteria.

Costs of programs

The cost of studying abroad varies from program to program, country to country. See the current version of each individual program description for cost information.

Students who qualify for financial aid, except work/study, may apply it to their study abroad experience, if they are participating in either the CSU International Programs or the Sacramento State Study Abroad Programs. The financial aid counselor for international programs at Sacramento State is Joy Fisher. Appointments with Mrs. Fisher may be made through the Student Service Counter which is located on the first floor of Lassen Hall.


Students interested in applying for study abroad should contact the International Programs and Global Engagement office, Lassen Hall, Room 2304, (916) 278-6686 to register for a study abroad information workshop and later to schedule an appointment if additional guidance is needed. Application deadlines are listed in the individual program descriptions.

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