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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance University effectiveness with information and research to support planning and budgeting, assessment, accreditation, policy formation, and decision making.

Following are the basic functions of Office of Institutional Research:

1. Data Collection and Management: We collect, preserve, edit, analyze, and interpret significant and meaningful information. We are charged with the development and maintenance of an integrated database that incorporates University data from multiple sources, including a campus-wide electronic database, surveys of students, faculty and staff information, and national databases.

2. Data Restructure and Reporting: We are responsible for the design and production of routine and ad hoc reports for internal constituencies, as wells as for federal, state, CSU system and external agencies. By using appropriate statistical and deterministic procedures, we generate sophisticated reports to meet the various needs of the campus community.

3. Special Research and Policy Analyses: We design and conduct special research and policy analyses to support planning, budgeting, assessment and accreditation. The results of our research expand the understanding of the university, identify the problems, enhance a data driven culture and stimulate changes within the University.

Institutional Research Staff

Jing Wang Ph.D., Director, (916) 278-6566

Karen Magana, Administrative Support Coordinator II, (916) 278-5888

Nancy Hardy, Academic Planning Database Coordinator, (916) 278-7419

Tony Chen, Analyst/Programmer, (916) 278-5952

Matthew Basinger, Research Analyst, (916) 278-5298

Data Requests

To submit a request for information not contained on our website, please use the following form: Data Request Form