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Faculty: Special Reports

Faculty Report Terms

Instructional Personnel Costs Report: Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Based on the Academic Planning Data Base submitted to and approved by the Chancellor’s Office and the human resources information, this data set contains the personnel costs directly associated with instruction. The salary calculations are based on the information available in the University Library, Deans’ offices, and Human Resources office. Data is tabulated by college, department, and individual instructor.


Faculty Teaching Assignment Report: Fall 2016

Based on the Academic Planning Data Base submitted to and approved by the Chancellor’s Office after the Census Date each semester, these tables are listed by departments. Faculty members are listed alphabetically along with the courses and sections they taught, student course credits, section enrollment, and FTE.

Arts & Letters

Business Administration


Engineering & Computer Science

Health & Human Services

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies



Faculty FTE and Student FTE by Faculty Status Report

There are multiple ways to tabulate and report the ratio between Tenure/Tenure track and Non-Tenure track faculty. In relation to this, the data tables provided contain four different tabulations of the ratio. Additionally, the ratios are aggregated at the Departmental, College, and University levels.  Faculty Headcount and All Faculty FTE are based on HR Data files (per a snapshot taken October 1st).  Instructional Faculty FTE and Student FTE are based on the final APDB file which has been approved and recalculated by the Chancellor's Office.


FTES, FTEF and Course Data by College

These tables contain FTES, Instruction FTEF, numbers of sections, and average section sizes by the University total, undergraduate, and graduate for most recent seven years. All data are based on APDB summary file.