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The Next 40 Years:
California State University, Sacramento as a Regional University

This document was prepared by the Office of Institutional Research in Fall 2002 to provide a summary of a study that was conducted in 1989. The original reports vary in length from ten to sixty-nine pages and consist of five Planning Background Reports as well as one Summary Report (Growth Alternatives). All reports pertaining to the 40-Year Study have been summarized into this document in an effort to bring out the purpose, methodology, and major findings of the study.

The Next 15 Years: Growth Alternatives for Sacramento State 1990-2005

Planning Background Report #1: Origin of New Undergraduate Enrollment

Planning Background Report #2: Where Students Live

Planning Background Report #3: Enrollment Demand 1995-2005: Projections for the Future

Planning Background Report #4: Additional Enrollment Potential 1995-2005

Planning Background Report #5: The Future As We See It

Download Entire Summary Report

If you are interested in obtaining the original report (available only in hard copy), you may contact the Office of Institutional Research at 916-278-6566 or