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Housing Issues at CSU, Sacramento

  • In general terms, full-time current CSUS employee perceptions were favorable to their current housing situation. More than two-thirds of the respondents were "satisfied" or "very satisfied.” Similarly encouraging were responses to the question, "Have you ever considered leaving the University because of housing issues?” Seventy-five percent responded “no.”
  • The primary reasons for the respondents who are somewhat or very dissatisfied with their current housing (29% of respondents) were: a) do not own home, b) home too far from work, c) home too small, and d) home not worth what it costs.
  • If respondents had any difficulties finding housing, cost (79%), availability (68%), and location (62%) were three primary factors that contributed to the problem.
  • Employees who had not already owned a home (55% of respondents) did not anticipate buying a home within the next two years because: a) they can’t afford the down-payment (39%), b) they can’t afford monthly payments (35%), c) other debts are too high (17%); and d) they are not interested in home ownership (9%).
  • A majority of current CSUS full-time employees indicated that it is “important” and “very important” to have the following types of housing assistance: down payment (76%), information about loans (69%), closing costs assistance (68%), and monthly mortgage (64%).
  • If on-campus housing were available, thirty-seven percent of CSUS current full-time employees reported that they would have used it when they were hired (28% for a short-term solution – 1 year or less; 9% for a long-term solution – more than 1 year). In comparison among the three job categories, MPP staff indicated the highest response rate (50%) in favor of availability of on-campus housing, followed by faculty (44%) and support staff (27%).