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Housing Assistance Needs Survey

During February 2001, a Web-based survey was distributed to CSUS full-time current employees who have joined CSUS since January 1997, including full-time tenure track faculty, full-time support staff, and full-time MPP staff. The intent of the survey was to assess from the employee’s viewpoint what the greatest challenges are with housing and what types of assistance programs would be most beneficial. The desired outcomes from this survey were further clarity on what housing issues exist for the campus and what type of assistance, if any, would be most beneficial for recruitment and retention goals.

The information below indicates the responses to the housing survey systemwide and by campus. The campus information has been further disaggregated by employment type and length of employment.

CSU Statewide Responses (both general information and housing issues)

CSU, Sacramento Responses (both general information and housing issues)

Summary of Housing Issues at CSU, Sacramento

Implications of Housing Assistance Needs

If you have any questions regarding the results of the survey, please contact the Office of Institutional Research at 916-278-6566.