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Teaching Resources

Course Specific Curricular Activities/Assignments:

These models can be adapted and used as resource for faculty integrating the one book into the classroom. Curricular activities and assignments connect the One Book’s themes, issues, and ideas to specific disciplinary content, processes, and course learning outcomes.

Image of man and woman being relocated with soldier and dog standing by truck - Image from University Archives and Special Collections
  1. Illustrating The Devil's Highway with resources from the University Library
    Use the outstanding resources from Sacramento State's Library to help students visualize the images and situations described in The Devi's Highway. >> More details

  2. Creating your own Archive: Thinking beyond the One Book
    Encourage students to consider the issue of Civil Rights or Diversity or another recent historical event beyond the specific situations in The Devil's Highway and to create their own visual archive from various media. >> More details

  3. Making History Personal: An Oral History Project
    The purpose of this activity is to help our students see the complexities of the immigrant experiences, history is not an impersonal series of facts. Instructors can begin by sharing one or more of the oral histories of immigrants; these oral histories reflect the real experiences of immigrants throughout the history of the United States. >> More details

  4. Mock-Interviews with Luis Alberto Urrea
    This activity encourages students to read The Devil's Highway closely so that they can generate and respond to questions for the author. This activity can be done in pairs or individually. >> More details

University Library Resources

Sacramento State's University Library has created a bibliography of One Book resources.

One Book Bibliography (doc)

Other teaching resources and ideas

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Extra- and Co-Curricular Programming/Activities:

The following faculty-developed models can be adapted and used as a resource for bringing multiple groups together for shared One Book activities. These resources focus on bringing cross-discipline groups together outside the classroom to connect the One Book’s themes, issues, and ideas to shared interests and concerns.

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last updated: 9/15/2010