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Beyond the Book

Learn more about the themes and experiences described in the book. The following are a few resources to go beyond the book, including discussion questions, classroom resources, links, and cultural resources.


Across the Campus

  • The Grace of Silence Contests, deadline for entries Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Please find more information below and here.

  • Essay Contest: Click here for information on how to enter the essay contest. Entries should be inspired by or address the One Book.
    Photo Contest: Click here for information on how to enter the photo contest. Entries should be inspired by or address the One Book.
    Film Contest: Click here for information on how to enter the film contest. Entries should be inspired by or address the One Book.


In the Classroom

  • Classroom Resources: Teacher's Guide from Michele Norris

    Click HERE for a link to interactive teacher's guides at Michele Norris' website. The site offers guided readings and questions for each chapter and how to use her Race Card in the classroom. Race Cards are available from the One Book program.

  • Classroom Resources: Guided Reading Questions

    Click HERE for a series of guided reading questions that may help launch discussion in classes or help students to engage more deeply with this year’s One Book, Michele Norris’ The Grace of Silence. Used with permission from Dr. Fiona Glade, English.


  • Classroom Activity: Visual Exhibit

    Click HERE for a creative activity using the One Book to produce a visual assignment for an exhibit or poster session. Used by permission from Dr. Vanessa Arnaud, Foreign Languages.



  • Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    "Effective and Easy Ideas for Incorporating the One Book into Your Classes"
    Center for Teaching and Learning Brown Bag

    If you are considering including the One Book into your classes this year, then please attend this one-hour Brown Bag Workshop sponsored by CTL. Hosted by Professor Hellen Lee-Keller, One Book Program Faculty Coordinator, the workshop will provide a few easy ways to incorporate the book into a wide variety of courses. If you already have some ideas, please bring them to share at the workshop!

    Books are available for purchase in advance through the Hornet Bookstore.
    Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
    Time: noon, bring your own bag lunch
    Location: CTL, Library 4026
    Cost: Free and open to current Sac State instructors

    Please contact CTL at (916) 278-5945 or email


Links and Resources


  • Accessible version of the One Book available online

    Sacramento State University's SSWD High Tech Center has confirmed that the accessible version of the One Book, The Grace of Silence: A Memoir , is available for students with print disabilities through (free membership for all U.S. students with qualifying disabilities) and/or through SSWD. Please contact SSWD for further questions and information at or (916) 278-6955 or (916) 278-7239 (TTY).

  • Resources available at the University Library

    Click HERE for a pdf file of books, articles, videos, images, and more compiled by the University Library. Used with permission from Sally Hitchcock.

  • "Take a Negro Home" from This American Life

    Click HERE for podcast of "two stories of people who try to cross the color line — and why it's still so hard. We hear the story of a failed interracial marriage and the story of a teenager from a poor inner city neighborhood who ends up at an Ivy League University — and how he barely survives there." (56 mins., broken into sections)

  • "Under Obama: Is American 'Post Racial'" from The New York Times

    Click HERE for a series of short opinion pieces regarding the question: "Is the era of race-consciousness over in both law and politics? "




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last updated: February 6, 2012