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One World Initiative

Why One World?

Welcome to the “One World” website. This project, initiated by former Provost Joseph Sheley, is designed to help everyone in the Sacramento State community – students, faculty, and staff – recognize how interdependent our world really is. Even though specific issues faced by people in one part of the globe may appear to be different from those faced elsewhere, there are almost always connections between them that are often overlooked. The aim of this undertaking is to help each of us look for and understand those connections – and then, if necessary, figure out what actions we can take to improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet.  I know, that is a huge goal and a tremendous responsibility, but it is incumbent upon us as members of a university community and of the global community to at least try to address.
Each year, the One World coordinating committee will select a new theme through which to explore our global interconnectedness. Our hope is that members of the Sac State community will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for how our actions affect others and how what happens in distant locales affects our lives here. We envision a myriad of ways in which these lessons can be taught and we look forward to sharing these opportunities with the local community, as well.

One World Initiative Contact

Mimi Coughlin, Director
Kaitlyn Ehrmantrout, ASC I

One World Initiative and Your Event

If you, your program, club, or center, is organizing an event linked to the One World Initiative's 2016-17 theme of Global Perspectives on Inheritance. Please email a description of the event, the date and location to We will be happy to include your event on our website and assist with promoting it across the campus, including digital signage.

We request that in your promotion of the event you include reference to the One World Initiative so that the campus community knows that it is a part of this exciting global initiative. Contact us and we can send you a copy of our special mark.

To apply for funding for your event, please click here for our funding request form and email the completed form to

The 4th Annual End of the Year Celebration

The 4th Annual One World End of the Year Celebration of the theme "Global Perspectives on Power" will take place April 4th - April 5th 2016. During this celebration, there will be a Faculty Panel discussing "What We Think About When We Think About Power" and a Student Symposium highlighting student perspectives on power through presentations, posters, and exhibits. Our keynote speaker for this event will be writer, teacher, and public speaker Michael Klare who studies war and peace, resource competition, and international affairs.