One World Initiative

One World Initiative in the Curriculum

According to the World Studies Trust,global education is not a subject, but a dimension that runs through the curriculum, an extra filter to help students make sense of all the information and opinion the world is throwing at them.

The One World Initiative embraces this concept and emphasizes the ways Sacramento State faculty are providing a global education. Many University courses naturally align with this year's theme "Global Perspectives on Migration." Other courses have the opportunity for select components of the course to incorporate the theme through selected readings, assignments or projects.

The following is a list of courses--identified by the faculty who teach them-- that will address the 2013-14 One World Initiative theme "Global Perspectives on Migration." 

Fall 2013

One World Initiative and Your Course

If you would like your course list here, simply send us an email at Include the course title and number, along with a brief description of how migration will be included in the curriculum.

  • BIO 294B: Seminar in Ecology: Meta-populations, Meta-communities,and Meta-ecosystems (Dr. Jamie Knietel)
  • ENVS 10: Introduction to Environmental Studies (Dr. Michelle Stevens)
  • ENVS 158: Wetlands Ecology (Dr. Michelle Stevens)
  • GEOL 140: Geology and the Environment (Dr. Judi Kusnick)
  • GOVT 147: Latin American Government and Politics (Dr. Nancy Lapp)
  • GOVT 180: California Government and Politics (Dr. Wesley Hussey)
  • HIST 163: History of the American City (Dr. Lee Simpson)