One World Initiative

One Day in One World

AFROTC students study international affairs
One Day in One World features One World activities around the campus. Want us to feature your activity or event? Click here to contact us.

At the heart of the One World Initiative, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to recognize how interdependent our world really is. While some connections are quickly apparent, others need the simple permission to identify common ground.

The inaugural theme of "Global Perspectives on Water" quickly drew a gush of ideas about the interconnectivity of water--as a key part of economies, as an expanse waiting for exploration and interpretation, as a tool or impediment, and as a luxury and a basic human need. The stories and programs that define One Day in One World at Sacramento State span the campus and encourage the actions we can take to improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet.

One World brings together Teacher Education and Water Education: The Teacher Education Department joined with Project WET to host a workshop on teaching water issues and social justice to K-12 students.

Students in ART 198: Digital media, are creating digital media pieces themed on water.

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences hosts a showing of the movie "Flow: For the Love of Water" folled by a faculty panel discussion.

Asian Studies uses water as the theme for their ASIA 198 capstone course and opens the series of lectures to the campus community.

AFROTC Aerospace Studies students set the world stage through studies of national security affairs and their tie with water-related issues.