One World Initiative

2013-14 Theme: Global Perspectives on Migration

Migration globe

Link your course or program with next year's One World Initiative.

The One World Initiative's launched in 2012 with the theme of “Global Perspectives on Water” Because the community, students and faculty embraced the project, it has been a major success. 

The theme for the 2013-14 academic year will be Global Perspectives on Migration.

Migration is a social, political, and economic issue: Human migration occurs in response to political and economic factors including such devastating events as conflict and drought. The impact of migration includes issues of cultural diversity and assimilation, human trafficking, resource management, border control, immigration policy, and international relations, to name just a few.

Migration is also a science issue: Scientists investigate topics as diverse as gene migration in evolution and population genetics, plant and animal migration in response to climate change, the migration of tectonic plates, movement of material through processes such as diffusion and electrophoresis, and the movement of the planets.

Migration has shaped the world we now know and will continue to transform what we know today. Among positive effects, migration has inspired art, music, dance and literature:  The experiences of migrants as well as the cultural exchange produced through migration are common themes in literature and music and other creative channels.

The Sacramento State community is invited to participate in the 2013-14 theme "Global Perspectives on Migration" through inclusion of the theme in courses, public events, and student activities.