The World Studies Trust says that global education is not a subject, but a dimension that runs through the curriculum, an extra filter to help students make sense of all the information and opinion the world is throwing at them.

The One World Initiative embraces this concept and emphasizes the ways Sacramento State faculty are providing a global education. Many University courses naturally align with this year's theme "Global Perspectives on Water." Other courses have the opportunity for select components of the course to incorporate the theme through selected readings, assignments or projects.

The following is a list of courses--identified by the faculty who teach them-- that have pledged to include the 2012-13 One World Initiative theme "Global Perspectives on Water." 

Spring 2013

  • CRJ 172. Comparative Criminal Justice will be empahsizing water as a cross-cutting theme during Spring 2013.
  • ENVS 112. International Environmental Problems. Global perspective on current problems of environmental protection and resource use. Population growth, food production, technology, and cultural change are considered, with heavy emphasis on the social dynamics of environmental problems. 

FALL 2012

One World Initiative and Your Course

Faculty whose courses focus on or contain and element of "Global Perspectives on Water" may choose to list their course here. Please email the course title and number, along with the catalog description, and it will be added to this list.

  • ANTH 146. Ethnographic Analysis. Introduces students to current techniques, theories, and debates in ethnographic research and analysis through the use of ethnographies and related works. Critically examines the production of ethnographic knowledge in socio-cultural anthropology from historical and contemporary perspectives. Prerequisite: ANTH 2.
  • AS 145A. National Security Affairs: Setting the World Stage: explores current issues/areas that are hotspots for conflict. Will examine how climate change and water-related crises could pose a risk to our national security.
  • ASIA 198. Asia in the World Today. Senior seminar in recent scholarship and current issues concerning Asia in the world today. This capstone course has been designed entirely around the theme of water. Presentations in this class will be open to the public (limited seating). A list of lectures can be found at
  • BIO 139. General Microbiology. Will feature water habitats, waterborne diseases, and the importance of clean water as it relates to disease transmission.
  • ENVS 112. International Environmental Issues. Will explore water-related environmental issues around the world.
  • GEOG 1. Physical Geography: The Distribution of Natural Phenomena, examines the distribution of Earth's climate, plants, soils, and landforms adn the processes and conditions that create and shape them. One a planet whose surface is 71% water, water is a constant, vital, and powerful force, interwoven throughout the Earth sytems. Its unique properties shape our climate and weather, it is a major erosional and depositional force, and its relative abundance or scarcity affects all forms of life on our planet.
  • GEOL 7. Natural Disasters. Examination of earth materials and earth processes through the study of natural disasters. Topics include earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and meteorite impacts. Examination of causes, effects and mitigation of natural disasters.
  • GEOL 8. Earth Science. This course is split into five units, one of which is "hydrosphere". The hydrophere unit will include global issues associated with the oceans, freshwater ecosystems, and resources. 
  • GEOL 140. Environmental Geology. Includes issues of water supply and the impact of climate change on water, including international perspectives.
  • GOVT 35. World Politics. Basic introduction to global politics focusing on a broad range of issues and problems relating to conflict and cooperation among nations,and on similarities and differences among nations' governmental institutions, structures, and processes. Will incorporate discussions on global health issues, international environmental issues, and collective cooporation that focus on water-related issues.
  • GOVT 143. Causes of War, Causes of peace. This course will incorporate water issues in response to the One World Initiative.
  • GOVT 180. California State and Local Government.  Will incorporate a section on the history of California water politics.
  • MBA 501. Advanced Strategic Management. This course uses a case study of Hyflux Inc., a successful global water treatment firm. The students write a case analysis papter and participate in a class discussion.
  • SWRK 250. Social Welfare Policies and Services.  Will incorporate panel discussions and presentations on the fundamental distribution proceeses of water, value systems, and global culturalization of water and human rights.