Read on: Asian Studies uses water as the theme for their capstone course and opens the lectures to the campus community.

Sac State’s One World Initiative’s goal of global education goes well beyond just fitting directly into our senior level AFROTC Aerospace Studies 145A course “National Security Affairs.”  This year’s One World focus on water ties directly with the AS145A class “Setting the World Stage.”

The course objective is to imbue the student with an understanding of the national security process and the challenges that confront national security in today’s world. To reach that objective, it is vital that the student has a global perspective; more than 25 percent of the course and one-third of the student’s grade directly covers the global environment, global cultures, and sources of global conflict. 

The “Setting the World Stage” class explores current issues/areas that are hot spots for conflicts to erupt. According to International Alert, a large peace building NGO, “Environmental experts in Britain have identified 46 countries - home to 2.7 billion people - where climate change and water-related crises will create a high risk of violent conflict.” Those figures are substantial as it covers 25 percent of the worlds’ nations and more than one-third of the world’s people. Additionally, the chair of the National Water Research Unit in Egypt reported in 2003 that water shortages promote terrorism. Consequently, conflicts over water could pose a risk to our national security. As a majority of the students in the class will be USAF officers within a year, understanding this is important, not only to their near future, but for the nation and the world.

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