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Students in ART 198 are creating an ongoing art project dealing with themes of water.  

In response to the One World Initiative's theme of Global Perspectives on Water Professor Rachel Clarke developed an ongoing digital media art project for students in her ART 198: Electronic Media course. Students develop water-related themes such as:

  • Environmental issues surrounding water such as pollution, drought, floods,  and climate change.
  • A visual exploration of water environments such as ocean, rivers, and creeks.
  • Water and cultural symbolism.
  • An imaginative narrative/fiction that involves a water theme.
  • Interpreting or referencing a song, poem, novel, or other cultural artifact that deals with water. 
  • Water and visual abstraction: dynamic effects, refraction, flow, velocity.
  • An abundance of water, a lack of water.
  • The elements (earth, air, fire, water.)Consider the importance of water to our lives, our environment, and our planet. Think about what water means to you, and how you could use the theme of water in your work. The theme can be interpreted in a literal or non-literal way.

The project can be developed as one large work, or a series of smaller related works. Student can choose any form of digital media: digital image, animation, 3D CG (animation or rendered images), video (such as art video or experimental documentary), interactive media (a website or game), a combination of traditional and digital media to create hybrid objects, an installation, or other types of artwork.

The products of this project will be on display during the Spring 2013 semester. 

Kristi Rapp, digital image

Kristi Rapp, digital image