Read on: Sacramento State's Air Force ROTC program joins the One World Initiative by exploring the water as a national security issue.

The College of Education's Teaching Credentials Program hosts a Project WET workshop. 

In response to the One World Initiative's theme of Global Perspectives on Water, Dr. Jenna Porter of the Teaching Credentials Department organized a Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) workshop at Sacramento State in January 2013. The Project WET Foundation is dedicated to reaching children, parents, educators, and communities of the world with water education.

The workshop, held on January 23rd and facilitated by Dr. Porter and Brian Brown (Water Education Foundation) focused on using the Project WET curriculum to develop lessons and actitivites to teach K-12 students about water issues related to social justice. 

Over 30 participants took part in the workshop, which included:

  • Lectures and dialogue
  • Interactive small group activities
  • Stories for childrean
  • Guidelines for finding appropriate video resources for K-12 students

Human rights issues are not necessarily easy to teach. The activities and guides presented during the Project WET workshop were applicable to water issues in the U.S. and around the globe. One activity, "Poison Pump", teaches of the dangers of unsafe drinking water such as water-borne diseases like cholera. Teacher Credential Program students viewed a video that highlights communities in Haiti where people often have to walk miles to reach a safe water source.

Sacramento State students interviewed at the workshop, when asked about Sacrmento State's One World Initiative, noted that social issues such as water were important to them.