Instituted for the Advancement of Qualified Accountants
A Sac State Student Organization
Board and Directors
Spring 2015

Jyoti Lada

VP of Programs
Sinh Dang

VP of Professional Relations
Eva Babayev

VP of Membership
Chornay Heng

VP of Social Activities
Aracely Sanchez

VP of Committees
Melissa Myers

VP of Community Service
Tony Nguyen

VP of Information Systems
Nam Nguyen

Wendy Tram

Brenda Joyner

University Relations Director
Rena Carey Vera De Vera

Facilities Director
Alex Vang

Professional Relations Director
Christian Colon

Professional Relations Liaison
Misgana Habtezion

Membership Director
Alex Chou

Social Activities Director
Dan Tran

Recruiting Director I
Megan Granera

Recruiting Director II
Thai Lao

Community Service Director
Pazou Lor

Alec Bassett

Scholarship Director
Dou Her

Fundraising Director
Paayal Deo

Faculty Advisor
Professor Lundblad
If you are interested in becoming a board member or director next semester, be sure to talk with the current officers. Nominations Night will be a mandatory meeting for candidates and will be announced as the end of the semester draws close.