Chicano/Latino Graduation Committee     
Chicana/o & Latina/o Graduation Association

 The Chicano/Latino Graduation Association dedicates its efforts to promoting a graduation commencement ceremony for Latino students who have fulfilled the requirements towards receiving a Baccalaureate or Masters degree from California State University, Sacramento. This commencement ceremony positively portrays the accomplishments of Latino students to siblings, parents, and friends.

 Established in 1977, the Association takes an active philanthropic approach. Throughout the school year, members raise funds for their annual commencement ceremony, for the scholarship program, and for the Casa de Los Ninos in Sacramento. The Association's commencement ceremony has become one of the premier recognition programs for Latinos at the campus of California State University, Sacramento. The annual commencement ceremony will recognize members for their contributions to the Association, honor all graduating Latino students, and honor all graduating Latino students with outstanding academic performance.

 The scholarship program further spotlights exceptional Latinos who qualify for Association scholarships. The Association invites students to apply for scholarships awarded by the Association. A total of four scholarships are awarded, one to a high school graduate who plans to attend CSUS, one to a CSUS undergraduate, one to a CSUS graduate enrolled in a master's degree program, and another to a CSUS graduate enrolled in doctoral program. The scholarships are awarded to individuals who meet certain criteria: such individuals must be of Latino descent, have a 3.0 GPA minimum, be of low-income status, and provide a written statement addressing their need along with two letters of reference, and transcripts.

 Members manage the Association under the guidance of a professor at CSUS. It is under this guidance and through our member's planning and dedication that our productive fund raising activities have allowed us to invest in future Latino Students.

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