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Lab Setup


Laboratory assistants Chinwe Korie and Michael Mohn are shown preparing materials for the students of the Bio. Sci. 10 course.

Jason Ryan, Bio. Sci. laboratory assistant, is harvesting and fixing (stopping cell growth) onion root tips. These will be stained by the students in the laboratory and viewed under a microscope. Students will be able to identify various mitotic stages.


One of things we do on a regular basis is run each lab experiment before the students do . This is important because the students mostly have only one opportunity to run the experiments (during their specific block of time, during their lab section) and so these "pilot tests" allow us to work out any potential problems ahead of time.

Biological Sciences Laboratory Assistant is shown here carrying out a pilot test of an upcomming lab on Enzyme Activity

The concentration of enzyme (in this case amylase) and substrate (in this case starch) must be precise so that a gradient of digestion can be observed by the students within their given laboratory period.

This shows the results of the experiment, if carried out properly. The left hand side shows starch being digested by the enzyme amylase - as indicated by an increasingly negative IKI test for starch (read left to right). The right hand side shows an increasingly positive Benedict's test - as starch is being digested into glucose molecules (read right to left).


Post-baccalaureate student, Yan Zhang, shown assisting future teachers with the handling of Drosophila (fruit flies) and solving genetics problems.

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