About Our Organization

Future Black Doctors and Dentists (FBD) is a student run organization
that prepares African-American undergraduate students for
professional school either in medicine or dentistry. FBD provides
mentorship, community service, and leadership skills to students as a
resource to their development as successful physicians.

FBD also provides assistance and resources to further maneuver
students in the medical and dental school process. Such resources are
attending annual conferences such as the Student National Medical
Association (SNMA), the Student National Dental Association
(SNDA), administering practice MCAT and DAT, and much more!

FBD is also in association with the Student National Medical
Association (SNMA). This national association sets the foundation for
the chapter, Minority Association for Pre-med Students (MAPS),
which was once our original name before we changed to FBD.

The scholars of FBD believe that the underserved population is a
growing population that vastly needs our help and support. That is
why Future Black Doctors & Dentists are paving the way to
becoming successful Black physicians so that we can give back to our
community, and help those in need.

If you would like to join FBD, please fill out this application form and
send it as an attachment to Future Black Doctors and Dentists with
"New Member" in the subject heading.
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