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How To Join

Some fraternities and sororities select their members through a recruitment process, sometimes referred to as "rush." The membership selection process for African-American-based fraternal organizations is called intake. By Sac State and Council policies the recruitment process is always alcohol-free.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Recruitment Process (Fraternities)

The Interfraternity Council conducts membership recruitment during the first three weeks of each semester. Typically there are a number of informational and social events that all chapters participate in to provide interested men the opportunity to meet active members from several fraternities. Chapters will also host several individual events during this time for potential members to attend and learn more about a particular fraternity in a more personalized setting. For information on planned activities, please contact:

Shawyan Moosavi, IFC President at

Melissa A. Norrbom, IFC Advisor at
Student Organizations & Leadership at (916) 278-6595

Panhellenic Sorority
Recruitment Process (Sororities)

The fall recruitment process for the sororities is formal and structured. Registration is required, prior to the week of Formal Recruitment. Participants visit each chapter on the first day of Formal Recruitment, known as Panhellenic Day. Recruitment is a mutual selection process. It is strongly recommended that you attend every event during the Formal Recruitment Process. The final invitational event, Preference Night, you may attend up to two chapters events, which are more formal in nature.

After Preference Night, potential new members rank their choices and the sororities submit a preference list. To promote equity in the recruitment process, each sorority is permitted to pledge a maximum number of women, so a "bid matching" process determines which sorority each participant will join. Many participants are pledged to the chapter they list as their first choice after the Preference Parties. For more information on planned activities, please contact:

Kaitlynn Pirotto, Panhellenic VP Recruitment at

Melissa A. Norrbom, Panhellenic Advisor at
Student Organizations & Leadership at (916) 278-6595

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
Membership Intake (Fraternities and Sororities)

(Historically African-American Fraternities and Sororities)

Unlike the other councils, NPHC chapters conduct their membership selection or "membership intake process" independently and at different times. Chapters usually conduct interest meetings that are relatively formal in nature. Prior to membership student must usually provide transcripts and letters of recommendation. Note that most NPHC organizations require a standing college GPA and some require sophomore standing in order to apply for the intake process. For more information about chapter intake please contact:

Jabari Lewis, NPHC President at

Melissa A. Norrbom, NPHC Advisor at
Student Organizations & Leadership at (916) 278-6595

United Sorority Fraternity Council (USFC)
Recruitment Process

(Culturally or Multiculturally Based Sororities and Fraternities)

The United Sorority & Fraternity Council organizations conduct recruitment in many different ways. Some have a structured recruitment while others follow a model closer to an intake process. For information on planned activities, please contact:

Anabel Urbina, USFC President at

Melissa A. Norrbom, USFC Advisor
Student Organizations & Leadership at (916) 278-6595