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The men of The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Sacramento State University, welcome you. Our mission, to be the premier fraternity at Sacramento State University in scholarship, leadership, and athletics. To be seen as gentlemen both on our campus and in our community through service, philanthropic efforts, and social events. As a fraternity that has helped raise money for St. Baldrick's Cancer Foundation as well as Shriner's Children's Hospital, we are very active in the community. We strive to better ourselves daily and always be seen as both gentlemen and leaders amongst our peers and within the community. In terms of athletics we are not just intramural, varsity, or club athletes, but instead we are men who have a competitive drive to be the best.

We offer you a challenge, if you choose to accept; to browse our website, http://pikecsus.and com, and learn more about us. Learn our values, our history, and what we believe in. View our pictures and see how we can improve not only your college experience but also the many years that follow. The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is more than just a four year experience it is a way of life.

Quick Stats

Name: Pi Kappa Alpha

Crest of this organization
Minimum GPA: 2.3

Flower: Lilly of the Valley

Color(s): Garnet & Gold



Nickname: Pike


Year: 1868 at University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

First at Sac State: 1983

US Chapters: 220

International Chapters: Canada

Headquarters Location: 8347 West Range Cove in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

National Website

Guiding Principles

Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.
To fulfill this mission, Pi Kappa Alpha will:

Encourage all our members to live the values taught in our ritual.

Provide innovative services and programs designed to enrich the lives of our undergraduates, alumni, and communities.

Create opportunities for our undergraduate and alumni members to participate in the life of Pi Kappa Alpha on a daily basis.

Promote and foster a spirit of pride, loyalty, inclusion and respect for Pi Kappa Alpha and its rich history.

Empower our undergraduate and alumni members to help shape
Pi Kappa Alpha's future by being informed ambassadors and involved advocates.

Encourage our undergraduate and alumni members to take an active role in advancing Pi Kappa Alpha's interests by volunteering their time and by contributing to the Fraternity's annual giving campaign.

Communicate effectively and efficiently with our alumni, students and host institutions through various channels on a continuous basis.

Value academic achievement and practice academic integrity.

Establish positive and lasting relationships with our host institutions, alumni and communities.

Encourage our members to be of strong mind and body.

Community Service and Philanthropy

What is the community service, philanthropy, or cause that your organization most frequently supports?Shriners Childrens Hospital & St. Baldrick's Cancer Foundation

What program(s) or event(s) does your organization at Sacramento State coordinate to support the community service, philanthropy, or cause mentioned above? Pike Spike Volleyball Tournament
Host of St. Baldrick's Yearly Campus-wide Philanthropy

Approximately how many hours per month do individual members or your organization participate in community service or philanthropy projects?10-15

How many community service or philanthropy projects does your organization participate in each semester? 2-5

Risk Management

Does your organization have a bylaw or statement regarding hazing?1. No member or chapter shall conduct hazing activities. Hazing is defined as:
Any activity that might reasonably be expected to bring embarrassment or psychological harm to the individual;
Any activity that might reasonably be expected to bring physical harm to the individual;
Any activity that might reasonably be expected to degrade or otherwise compromise the dignity of the individual;
Any activity that might reasonably be expected to require an unreasonable or inordinate amount of the individuals time, or in any manner impair the individuals academic efforts;
The required consumption of any liquid, gas or solid matter;
Any requirement which compels an individual to participate in any activity which is illegal or contrary to the individuals
genuine moral and/or religious beliefs, or contrary to the rules and regulations of the university.

2. Each member and pledge shall refuse to participate in any hazing activity, and shall refuse to permit hazing from being inflicted upon them.

Does your organization have an insurance policy? Yes

Does your organization have a Risk Management policy? Yes

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