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The purpose of ΣΟΠ is to promote unity, lifelong friendships, leadership, and community service. This organization offers women a supportive network of sisters to achieve academic and social growth. The sisterhood of ΣΟΠ provides an environment where sisters may utilize and develop their organizational skills.

Each one of our sisters has different interests and aspirations, yet we all share one common ground - ΣΟΠ. We have based our sisterhood on four objectives - UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. In addition, ΣΟΠ has a tradition of lifelong friendship that has prevailed for over 7 decades

Quick Stats

Name: Sigma Omicron Pi

Crest of this organization
Minimum GPA: 2

Flower: Daisy

Color(s): Green and Gold

Jewel: Pearl

Nickname: SOPi

Year: 1930 at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California

First at Sac State: 1993

US Chapters: 12

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Guiding Principles

To Promote Unity, Friendship, Leadership, and Community Service.

Cultural Foundation

Asian American

Community Service and Philanthropy

What is the community service, philanthropy, or cause that your organization most frequently supports? Sigma Omicron Pi Student Chapters Inc. mainly donates money towards education.

What program(s) or event(s) does your organization at Sacramento State coordinate to support the community service, philanthropy, or cause mentioned above? We help coordinate our national philanthropy, Annual Men's Basketball Tournament, every Fall.

Approximately how many hours per month do individual members or your organization participate in community service or philanthropy projects? 4

How many community service or philanthropy projects does your organization participate in each semester? 5

Risk Management

Does your organization have a bylaw or statement regarding hazing? Yes

Does your organization have an insurance policy? Yes

Does your organization have a Risk Management policy? No

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