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Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) is a premier social fraternity that holds its members to a high standard of academics, involvement, athletics, and service. Sigma Phi Epsilon at California State University, Sacramento is the longest running chapter in the state of California and looks to continue our tradition of excellence for many years coming. SigEp has a history of maintaining top academics while also striving in both the ideals of sound mind and sound body. With 7 different leadership continuums available to all members along with no pledge process, SigEp is paving the way for fraternities nationally. SigEp aims to continue to be a leader in society by continuing to provide a meaningful college career that motivates students to take leadership roles both in school and after graduation.

Quick Stats

Name: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Crest of this organization
Minimum GPA: 2.6

Flower: Red Rose, and Violet

Color(s): Red, Purple, Gold

Symbol: Balanced Man

Nickname: Sig Ep

Motto: Building Balanced Men

Year: 1901 at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia

First at Sac State: 1964

US Chapters: 240

Headquarters Location: Richmond, Virginia

National Website

Guiding Principles

Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love

Community Service and Philanthropy

What is the community service, philanthropy, or cause that your organization most frequently supports? YouthAids, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

What program(s) or event(s) does your organization at Sacramento State coordinate to support the community service, philanthropy, or cause mentioned above? Sigma Phi Epsilon holds an annual Miss Greek competition. It is a pageant in which all sororities on campus compete to win the prestigious title of Miss Greek.

Approximately how many hours per month do individual members or your organization participate in community service or philanthropy projects? 5

How many community service or philanthropy projects does your organization participate in each semester? Sigma Phi Epsilon holds community service and philanthropy very close to our hearts. We participate in at the minimum of one service or philanthropic event a month.

Risk Management

Does your organization have a bylaw or statement regarding hazing? Yes The principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon and those of a chapter and its members are based on high ethical and moral behavior, and the expression of respect and care for self and others. Therefore, hazing has no place in Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; late work sessions which interfere with scholastic activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal law or ritual, the regulations and policies of the educational institution or applicable local, state, or federal law.”

Does your organization have an insurance policy? Yes

Does your organization have a Risk Management policy? Yes

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