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For Parents

Is your son or daughter interested in becoming or already a member of a fraternity or sorority at Sac State? Are you interested to know more about this unique campus community?

If so, then you are in the right place!

The Sac State fraternity and sorority experience adds a special dimension to the life and education of each of our students. Through membership in one of 36 Greek-letter organizations, students have the opportunity to learn the value of scholarship; develop essential leadership skills; strengthen their passion for service; and build the bonds of brotherhood & sisterhood that will make the campus feel more like home.

Whether you have never heard of Greek Life before or are a fraternity or sorority member yourself, the Fraternal Life staff and this Web site are dedicated to helping you better understand the opportunities that Sac State Fraternal Life offer your son or daughter. Below you will find the answers to some common questions asked by many parents.

Are there opportunities for my son to develop skills outside the classroom?

Opportunities for leadership and development of interpersonal skills abound in the Greek organizations. Young men and women have the chance to test themselves in the supportive atmosphere of an accepting group as they learn new skills and practice them before facing the challenges of the real world. These skills will enrich their total life experience and prepare them for leadership and fulfilling relationships as adults.

Will the cost of membership be an added burden?

Cost of membership varies among chapters but does not add measurably to the cost of attending Sac State. Almost all chapters are supported by dues and after some one-time costs in the first year, these dues are the only expenses.

What about all the negative things I've heard about, such as alcohol abuse and hazing?

The fraternities and sororities here at Sac State are a progressive community that forbid any type of hazing. Any student that feels they are being hazed are encouraged to report the hazing to the authorities. The Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic SororityCouncil would then take the proper corrective action against the chapter. The Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Sorority Council have an Alcohol Awareness Program and puts on a program to show students the effects of alcohol. Unfortunately, the positive side of the Greek life is often deemed not newsworthy. Fraternities and Sororities are involved in the community and campus services, contributing countless hours and financial resources to their environment.

Is their any practical benefit of membership?

Many immediate benefits are received through membership, including numerous leadership possibility, academic encouragement and several philanthropic opportunities. However, the bonds created mean that your son or daughter will have inter-generational friendships, support when moving to a new community or even a foreign country, and career networking possibilities throughout their lifetime.

How does my child get involved?

Our webpage how to join outlines the process for many of our organizations. Encourage your son to get in contact with the fraternity men and sorority women on campus. They will make valuable contacts for their college years and beyond.

How will Greek membership contribute to my child's goal of getting an education?

Every fraternal organization has scholastic standards for its membership. New members are assisted in their academic endeavors through scholarship programs and brotherhood competitions that encourage students to do well in their studies. Required study hours, tutoring, and other special programs help students achieve academic excellence and personal skills that are essential in surviving in today's competitive job market.

What would be different about the friends my son / daughter makes as a Member?

College friendships will last a lifetime because they share the unique experience that makes teenagers become adults. Residence hall and class friends will enrich their lives. However, friends who share the Greek experience will remain deeply committed to each other throughout their lives because each student has a chance to share common experiences through chapter rituals and personal friendships that people gain through this chance of a lifetime. Fraternities have more than 100 years of contributions to campus experiences with over 1 million men as members. This proven support network is available for every college man as they attempt to meet the challenges of higher education. Making the transition from high school to a four year college or university can be a challenging experience.