HUSA's Hmong Heritage Week

We are proud to present our biggest event of the year, our first Hmong Heritage Week. This week will be devoted to the Hmong culture with lectures, a documentary, a panelist of successful Hmong women, modern and historical Hmong art, and cultural performances. Come to this amazing event to learn more about the Hmong culture. lectures, a documentary about the Hmong people

Our Mission

As students of an accredited institution and members of the Hmong University Student Association, HUSA, we shall strive to promote (1) higher education,(2) cultural awareness at our institution and the community, and (3) be a support group for students...we are a not for profit, nonpolitical organization established in 1987.

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Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then feel free to contact us!

Address: Hmong University Student Association, California State University of Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Box 51, Sacramento, CA 95819

E-mail: PR Officer Bee Vang or HUSA

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