About Us

We are the Hmong University Student Association (HUSA), at California State University, Sacramento, established in the year of 1987 by the former President Txawj Vwj Vaj and his fellow officers. HUSA has a track record of holding events to promote higher education, displaying merit in community involvement and hosting social gatherings for students to network with other organizations. HUSA not only accepts Hmong students, but also embraces anyone who wants learn about the Hmong culture. We also have a constitution that includes valuable information on how this organization works. If you want to be a part of this organization, then please send the membership form to our email at husa.csus@gmail.com or hand it to one of the current officers.

2014 - 2015 Administration

President: Kong Vang Vice-President: Pao Moua
Treasurer: Zong Chang Secretary: Sean Hang
Public Relations: Chue Fue Thao Webmaster: Steven Vue
Activities Director: Peng Lor Historian: Brandon Moua

Our Mission

As students of an accredited institution and members of the Hmong University Student Association, HUSA, we shall strive to promote (1) higher education,(2) cultural awareness at our institution and the community, and (3) be a support group for students...we are a not for profit, nonpolitical organization established in 1987.

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Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then feel free to contact us!

Address: Hmong University Student Association, California State University of Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Box 51, Sacramento, CA 95819

E-mail: PR Officer Chue Fue Thao or HUSA

Troubleshoot? Notify the Webmaster Steven Vue