Our Movement

HUSA has accomplish many things since the day it was establihed and you will find information regarding HUSA's involvement with the community, within its org, and collaborating with other orgs below.


Big Sib/Little Sib (BSLS) : This is a program that caters to HUSA members. The purpose is to help and assist younger students to increase their chances of succeeding. A program coordinator pairs an experienced student with a non-experienced student (older with younger).

HUSA Mentoring Program : From 2008 - current- HUSA partnered with Harmon A. Johnson Elementary School's students in pursuit of higher academic achievement. In Spring 2010, HUSA partnered with Luther Burbank High School's "Hmong Leadership" class for mentoring focused on higher education.

HUSA Scholarship Program : HUSA offers a scholarship to applicants, usually every year. In the past, HUSA has combined their scholarship fund with the Asian American Pacific Islander organization in Sacramento State to be able to offer a bigger scholarship for recipients.


HUSA Open Mic (Summer) : For this event HUSA partners up with a local venue, school, or community organization for the purpose to promote and bridge local talents and developing artists to the community. These talents include dancing, singing, musical skills, poetry, acting and other skills.

Blitz Week (Fall & Spring) : Blitz week is a series of social events; the sole purpose is to allow new members of HUSA to intermingle with the current members and vice versa. These social events consists of games and activities that occur in the beginning of the fall semester.

Cultural Show (Spring) : This event is a chance for HUSA to display our culture to Sacramento State and the community and requires coordination with local high school organizations and the community at-large. This event includes contemporary dancing, a fashion show, singing, and acting.

End of the Year Trip (Summer) : An event for all members to hang out with each other before out-of-city students' return back home. Typically, members spend a weekend camping in the foothills or in the cabins of South Lake Tahoe.

Graduation Banquet (Spring) : Hmong graduates of Sacramento State are celebrated for their hard work. You don't have to be a member of HUSA in order to be recognized during this event. A committee is formed to go over the logistics of this event. It is usually held at a restaurant with masters of ceremonies, keynote speakers, video presentations and speeches.

HUSA Ball (Spring) : This event is given to HUSA members. Its purpose is to celebrate the hard work that the members have contributed to the organization. It's held at a venue where awards, certificates, and recognition are given.

Spring Carnival (Spring) : HUSA celebrate this event to the children of the community. This is where HUSA collabrate with a local elementary school and hosts an event with activities such as face painting, goldfish fishing, musical chairs and etc...

Summer Dance (Summer) : A small dance fundraiser for HUSA to fundraise money for the fall semester. It is usually held in August and is open to the general public.


Potluck (Fall/Spring): This activity is where members bring a dish to enjoy with other HUSA members. Occasionally, HUSA will host a potluck during major holidays such as Halloween and Chirstmas.

Organization Collaboration Day - OC DAY (Fall/Spring/Summer) : A HUSA hosted event purposefully for networking, where other sister/brother organizations come socialize and collaborate. There are facilitated activities shared by most attending organizations throughout the day, to build a foundation for the relationship for further partnership in future events.

Semester Kick-Off Picnic (Fall/Spring) : At the beginning of each semester, usually after the first general meeting, a potluck style picnice is held to welcome new and continuing members to HUSA. Additionally, there are activities, sports, and games for participation and enjoyment.

Our Mission

As students of an accredited institution and members of the Hmong University Student Association, HUSA, we shall strive to promote (1) higher education,(2) cultural awareness at our institution and the community, and (3) be a support group for students...we are a not for profit, nonpolitical organization established in 1987.

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Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then feel free to contact us!

Address: Hmong University Student Association, California State University of Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Box 51, Sacramento, CA 95819

E-mail: PR Officer Chai Yang

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