Neuroanatomy Laboratory Procedures

Your time with laboratory material can be a positive reinforcement of the reading you've done, the lectures you've heard, and discussion you've entered into. Use your lab time wisely. To do this best, come prepared and bring your text and lecture notes with you. Your laboratory contact with any given material should clearly note be your first exposure to that material. To maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, the student should develop an attitude of professionalism and respect for the classroom enviroment. We ask your cooperation in observing the following regulations.
1. It is an increasingly uncommon privilege to have human cadaver material available for study. Please treat the cadaver material with utmost respect and care. 2. Many students share the facilities of the neuroanatomy laboratories. Each of us must make every effort to keep the conditions clean and safe.
SPECIFICALLY: a. Keep the table and floor area clean. b. Visitors are not allowed in the laboratory. c. Report any broken and damaged material to the instructors. d. Any spills must be wiped up immediately to prevent accidents. e. There will be no smoking, eating or drinking in the laboratory. f. Models and other laboratory specimens must not be removed from the laboratory.