DATE                                 LECTURE TOPICS                                                      LAB      


    Lesson 1        Introduction, Anatomical Terminology

                                     The cell (Laboratory)                                               Cell Quiz


            Lesson 2        Tissues: Epithelial & Connective tissues               Review

                                    See plates in Text book                                                                  


            Lesson 3        Integumentary system & Osseous Tissue Models                                                          


                                    50pt Exam during first 30 minutes of lab                                            


            Lesson 4        Skeletal system: Axial                                              Skulls

                                    Skull take home quiz due in lab


            Lesson 5        Appendicular skeleton                                              Bone Box                                                                                                                  


            First    Exam 100 pts.                                       Lab. Exam 50pts. 


            Lesson 6        Articulations- Joint Movements                               Models


            Lesson 7        Human Muscular System: Axial                              Charts & Models


            Lesson 8        Upper limb muscles                                                  Charts & Models                                                                  


            Lesson 9        Lower limb muscles                                                  Charts & Models   


            Lesson 10      Muscle Tissue and Surface Anatomy                     Models


            Second Exam  100 pts.                                    Lab. Exam 50 pts.      


            Lesson 11      Nervous tissue & Development                               Charts & Models                                                                       


            Lesson 12      Spinal cord                                                                Charts & Models


            Lesson 13      Spinal nerves                                                             Charts & Models


            Lesson 14      Brain divisions and cranial nerves                          Charts & models,

                                    Autonomic- As described in lecture                         

Lesson 15      Sensory Organs:  Eye and ear                               Charts & Models

                            Endocrine-As described in lecture                                 Sheep brain dissection


            Third Exam 100 pts.                                               Lab. Exam 50 pts.  


            Lesson 16      Circulatory System, Blood                                       Models


            Lesson 17      Heart and Great Vessels                                         Heart and Great Vessels



            Lesson 18      Blood Vessels: Arteries                                           Charts & Models

                                                                                                                        Dissection (15 min.)


            Lesson 19      Blood Vessels: Veins                                               Charts & Models      

                                    Hepatic Portal &  Fetal


            Lesson 20      Respiratory System                                                 Charts  & Models

                                    Lymphatic circulation


                       Fourth Exam 100 pts.                                              Lab. Exam  50 pts.   


            Lesson 21      Digestive System                                                     Charts & Models


            Lesson 22      Digestive System                                                     Charts & Models


            Lesson 23      Urinary System                                                          Charts & Models                  


            Lesson 24      Male Reproductive System                                     Charts & Models


            Lesson 25      Female Reproductive System                                 Charts &   Models


Final Exam:   200 pts.

Laboratory final exam:   100 pts.


Please check your schedule, if you are going to miss an exam it would be best to drop the course and take it next semester. 

All missed exams without a documented compelling reason will be assigned a zero.


Additional Materials:         One pack of colored pencils (10-15 pencils).

                                                One pack of scantron form 882 (100 questions, 50 per side)