The introductory quiz will be administered in each lab during the second week of classes

and will cover materials from chapter 1 through 3 of the text book. The quiz will have

twenty questions, include multiple-choice, matching, and true and false types. Each lab

instructor will also include ten questions on histological identification using illustrations.

The introductory quiz will be worth 50 points.

There will be five written lecture exams.  Each exam will be worth 100 points and may 

include multiple-choice, matching, and true and false questions.  There will be at least

60 questions on each exam.  The final lecture exam will have 150 questions and will be a 

comprehensive exam worth 200 points.  

All students must register for a Saclink account to have access to the WebCT.

WebCT will be used by students to take quizzes on lecture material during the semester. 

There will be a total of ten quiz topics for the semester.  Students will have two

attempts to take each quiz topic, only the highest score will be used to calculate your 

ecture quiz total.  Each ten point quiz will be available for two weeks; missed quizzes

can not be taken late. 

There will also be fifteen laboratory quizzes during the semester.  The ten highest quiz 

scores will be counted for a total of 100 points. 

There will be five laboratory practical exams.  The four semester exams will be worth 

50 points.  There will be 50 questions on each practical exam.  Questions will require

identification of structures and other related information on the charts, models, and 

illustrations (surface anatomy). You will have one and a half minutes at each station.  

The final laboratory exam will be comprehensive with 100 questions worth 100 points. 

Make-up lecture and/or laboratory exams will be given only in the event of a documented 

illness or emergency.   At the instructor’s discretion, make-up exams may differ from 

the original exam in form, content, and/or number of questions.

_____/50 + _____/600 + _____/100 + _____300 + _____/100 =_____/1150 Intro. Lecture Web CT Lab Lab Total Quiz exams quizzes exams quizzes points Plus and minus grades will be given by the instructor. 95% of total points = A 83.3% of total points = B 73.3% of total points = C 63.3% of total points = D < 60% of total points = F