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Who We Are

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What is Peace & Conflict International?

  • Peace & Conflict International (PCI) is a student organization at Sac State for anyone interested in peace and conflict at the international level.

What does PCI do?

  • Provides a forum for students to discuss/learn about international issues related to peace and conflict;
  • Organizes campus-wide events to inform the student body about those issues;
  • Provides a focus point for direct action to “increase the peace.”

Email List

  • PCI periodically sends email reminders with details on upcoming meetings and events.
  • If you would like to be placed on our email list, please send a request to the following address:

How "political" is PCI?

  • PCI sometimes hosts speakers and events associated with other organizations that have a particular political perspective. We do this in the interests of debate and the pursuit of knowledge. The perspectives of our guests and affiliates are not necessarily the views of all members of PCI. PCI members have diverse political views, and all are welcome at Peace & Conflict International.