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External Links

Below are links to websites with more information on the people, organizations, and events that Peace & Conflict International has come into contact with. We provide this information for convenience and information only. PCI does not necessarily endorse or support external organizations. Note: links will open in a new window or tab.

Sac State Websites

Sacramento State (California State University at Sacramento)
This is where it all starts, since we are a student organization at Sac State!
Sac State Government Department
Many members of PCI are government majors with a focus in international relations.
International Affairs Master’s Program
A few members are graduate students of international affairs.
Peace and Conflict Resolution Minor
Peace and Conflict Resolution is an interdisciplinary minor at Sac State with most of its courses drawn from the Social Sciences. The courses introduce students to the processes of understanding and changing social conditions in order to lead to a more peaceful, just, and conflict-free society and world.
Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution
The Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution (CAPCR) is located in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) at Sac State. CAPCR provides conflict resolution, conciliation, peace-building services, and research for African (diaspora) groups, governments, organizations, and families.
Professor David Andersen
Professor Andersen is the club’s faculty advisor. Check out his link for more information. Professor Andersen is also the program director of the peace and conflict resolution minor (see above).
Professor Patrick Cannon
Professor Cannon was a key speaker at two PCI events during the fall 2009 semester (see archives page).
Professor Boatano Mosupyoe
Professor Mosupyoe was a key speaker at a PCI event during the fall 2009 semester (see archives page). You can also check out her personal website.
Professor Rae
Professor Rae was a key speaker at a PCI event during the fall 2009 semester (see archives page).

External Organizations

Children’s Hope Foundation
Children’s Hope Foundation provides humanitarian aid to children and adults in Haiti and other countries. Members of this organization travelled to Haiti almost immediately after the earthquake. Shortly after returning from one of these efforts, Leisa Faulkner shared her experiences with PCI members. For more information on Leisa and her organization, check out the following recent interviews in the Sacramento News & Review and on Capital Public Radio.
Peace One Day
In celebration of the United Nation’s International Day of Peace (21 September), PCI screened a film produced by this organization (see archives page).
Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders)
This event coincided with the UN’s International Day of Peace and was discussed at our meetings.
Global Majority
Professor Mosupyoe discussed the work of this organization at a PCI event (see archives page).
Witness for Peace
This is a politically independent, grassroots organization committed to peace, justice, and sustainable economies in the Americas. Representatives from this organization spoke at a PCI event during the fall 2009 semester (see archives page).