On-Line Working Papers Series

The following papers have been submitted by their authors for presentation at recent P-SWIP meetings and have agreed to post their essays here in order to continue the constructive collaboration begun at the meetings.

These essays are offered for discussion and comment only! Please understand that these are works in development, and as such should not be copied, quoted nor distributed without the express permission of the author.

Each paper is available as a Word Document file (.doc). Contact links for communication with the authors are provided.

This page will be upated as submissions are received. If you would like to submit an essay for participation in the on-line working series, please contact Christina Bellon.

FALL 2005

Abby Gosselin ( Washington State University )
“Lasso-ing ‘the Lady': Objectification as a Means of Control” (doc)

Tina Strasbourg ( University of Calgary )
“The Potential of Emotions in Feminist Epistemology: Developing Jaggar's Account” (doc)

Sarah Tischler Aikin ( California State University , Chico )
“Just Violence: An Aristotelian Justification of Capital Punishment” (doc)

Marti Kheel
“Toppling Patriarchy with a Fork: the Feminist Debate over Meat” (doc)

Dorothea Olkowski ( University of Colorado )
“Under Western Eyes: Asian Sex Tourism and Western Morality” (doc)

Peter Higgins, Audra King, and April Shaw ( University of Colorado , Boulder )
“What is Poverty?” (short/long)