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Welcome to the Psychology Society Web Site!

Your hub to the Psychcology Department's universe; for students by students.



The Psychology Society invites the public to discuss all matters relating to the field of psychology through our meetings, events, and networks. We aim to deliver useful information and resources for reflection, career, and daily life. We encourage communication and collaboration among students, the curious, professors, and professionals.

We hope that this web site will be useful to students, faculty, and community. We encourage everyone to use this website to gain confidence, guidance, and contacts in the discipline. Collectively, we can use our experience with Sacramento State to aid each other. Good luck and we wish you the best!

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Please use Orgsync to officially join the Psychology Society. Joining on Orgsync will also give you participation credit when you attend our events; which help build your CV.


Add us to your network; linked in is a new feature of our orginization. We would like to extend your network so that after graduation you still have access to your peers.


Email us to be added to our event reminder list or, sign up at our board on the 3rd floor of AMD.

Upcoming Noteworthy Events:

(Please use calendar for additional events.)

Join Psych Society in supporting the Out of Darkness campus walk at Sac State to raise awareness on mental health and suicide. Join our team for this great cause!

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