Gerontology Mentors
Gerontology Students Thank
Their Renaissance Mentors

Volunteering on Campus

You can expand and heighten your Renaissance experience by volunteering for programs that help CSUS faculty and students. There are three programs:

Check out the information below and contact those in charge for more information. This is a great way for members to give back to CSUS for all the campus does for us!

Usher Info

University Services

Gloria Luney

Renaissance members volunteer to be ushers at CSUS drama and dance productions—and get to see the show for free!

Duties include taking tickets, showing people the way to restrooms and minding the doors. Ushers must arrive about an hour before the curtain and wear a white shirt and black pants or skirt. They park for free in the lot across from Shasta Hall, where the drama productions take place.

Here are this fall's productions that need ushers for all performances (some matinee; some evenings):

For more information, contact Gloria Luney, .

Gerontology Mentors


Jan Polin, Pam Flohr

Help a CSUS Gerontology Student earn classroom credits and experience working with an Elder. If you have been an Elder Mentor in the past, you can volunteer again. Volunteers will experience:

Renaissance has participated in this program for several years, and many Elder Mentors continue a friendship with their Students for years after the semester is completed.

If you are interesting in volunteering as an Elder Mentor or want more information, contact Jan Polin, or Pam Flohr, .


Warren Bonta

This is a new, developing program to link Renaissance members with CSUS students who might benefit from some general or subject-specific mentoring.

The Membership, Diversity and Community Engagement Committee is discussing such opportunities with various faculty members and departments.

Mentoring should not require much time on campus; support can be provided via phone, text or email.

Mentoring is needed in the following areas

For more information, contact Warren Bonta, .